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Non-Title Match
Edge VS William Regal
Edge goes for the spear but Regal uses the Brass Knuckles and hits him across the head and pins for the easy win. This makes Regal the new #1 Contender.

WWF Tag Team Championship
Tazz and Rhyno VS The Hardy Boyz
Tazz locks in the Tazzmission on Matt and Rhyno gores Jeff for the win and their first title defense.

World Championship Ladder Match
Triple H VS Chris Jericho
Test comes out and Big Boots Triple H off the ladder. Y2J  secretly climbs and grabs the title for the win. Test then Big Boots Y2J after he wins it.

WWF Championship Cage Match
Stone Cold VS The Rock
Stone Cold hits the Stunner and then Kurt Angle comes down and gives Austin the Angle Slam. Rock is about to get out of the ring through the door when Zack Cino slams it on him and Angle runs out to get Zack when Austin slides out the door and retains his title. Angle smiles to the injured Austin holding his knee and title and RAW goes off.