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WWF Royal Rumble Results 2

::: "Never Gonna Stop" hits and Edge walks down with his Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. He is wearing silver sunglasses, a silver coat and silver pants. He takes off the coat when he enters the ring and takes off the sunglasses. He gives the referee the Intercontinental Championship and stretches at the ropes :::

::: "England" hits and William Regal walks down in his red and black shorts and has his fists up. He walks down and the referee stops him and checks him and doesn't find anything and Regal enters the ring very agry and the mtch begins :::

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Edge VS William Regal
The two fighters lock up immediately at the sounding of the bell. The two have been fighting eachother in matches and know eachother's moves very well. Edge soon locks in a headlock but Regal is nable to push him off and hit a kick to the gut and puts Edge's arm over and gives him a Vertical Suplex. Regal picks up Edge and trips him down and pins for a fast 1 count. Edge gets up and Regal soon tries to focus on Edge's neck. He soon locks in a headlock. Edge fights it and soon gets to the turnbuckle and begins to climb. He jumps off the second and rolls up Regal!! 1....2...Regal lets go and the pin is no longer. Regal gets up and kicks Edge's gut in. Edge yells in pain and rolls over to the turnbuckle. Regal then stombs in Edge. Regal then lifts up Edge and delivers a few English chops and sets him on the turnbuckle. Regal goes up top and goes for a Superplex but Edge pushes him off and Edge hits a Body-Splash for a slow 2 count. Edge then punches Regal to the turnbuckle but soon Regal reverses the attacks and sets Edge on the turnbuckle again and hits a Superplex off the toprope. Edge is in pain and Regal slowly rolls over and pins for a 2 and a half but not a 3. Regal then picks up Edge and hits a Neckbreaker(Regal Cutter). Regal pins for another 2 count. Regal then soon picks up Edge and goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks and delivers a desperation Edge-a-matic. Edge gets a two count and soon gets up. Regal runs at him and Edge hits a Spear! Edge delivers hard right hands. Edge then slowly picks himself up and Regal gets up. Edge goes for a Edgeacution but Regal reserves and hits a DDT of his own and soon locks in the Regal Stretch. Edge yells in pain and blood comes from his mouth and he spits it. Regal won't let go but Edge forces him to and gets the ropes. Regal then picks up the down Edge and delivers a Hooked-Arm PowerBomb. Edge is pinned. 1......2.....Edge gets his foot on the rope and Regal can't believe it. Regal then runs at Edge for a knee hit to his face but Edge trips him and locks in his new submission move. The Figure Four Edge Lock. Edge won't let go. Regal yells in pain and soon gets something from his pants and puts them on his fist. BRASS KNUCKLES! Regal hits Edge's arm and Edge lets go and Regal gets up and goes to hit him in his face but misses and drops the knuckles. Edge takes advantage and hits an Edgeacution on the knuckles to Regal. 1......2.......3! Edge retains the Intercontinental Title. Regal soon gets up as the ref holds Edge's hands up and the bloody faced Regal delivers a huge hit to the head of Edge with the knuckles! Edge is down and Regal delivers Brass knuckle hits to Edge's face and leaves.

Jim Ross: "Edge picking up another win to his impressive record"

Jerry Lawler: "I think instead of Edge always cheating he should just lose. That DDT on the knuckles... Oh come on"

Jim Ross: "Regal used the knuckles to get out of a submission move!"

::: The backstage area shows William Regal walking down the backstage hall and looks angry :::

William Regal: Bloody hell

Jim Ross: "William Regal totally destroyed Edge after the match causing Edge to be taken to the ER"

Jerry Lawler: "Hey. JR! Guess what? Test VS Y2J is next!"

::: The titan tron shows Test with his arms crossed on the right and Chris Jericho with his title on his shoulder to the left with the words: "Chris Jericho VS Test. World Championship". A video then plays showing what happened over the last few weeks. It starts with showing the Raw after Vengeance when Test interfered inthe World title ladder match Big Booted Triple H down and Y2J winning. It then shows him giving Y2J a Big Boot. It then shows on when Y2J beat Test in the non-title preview match with the Breakdown. It then plays Y2J saying: "Test failed his tesT". It then shows Edge VS Test fighting for the IC Title and then Y2J comes down and hits Test with the World Title and intense music plays and the screen goes black and white as Y2J gives Test the breakdown on the title and leaves mocking Test. It then shows Y2J eliminating Test in the SmackDown 8 man tag team match and then Test costing him and having Rock eliminate him. It then shows various clips of the two fighting and it shows Test saying: "Test time. Will he pass?" :::

WWF World Championship
Chris Jericho(c) VS Test
Jericho and Test immediately begin pounding at eachother. Test soon elbows Y2J and kicks him and elbows his again and pounds him down. Y2J gets up and Test picks him up and delivers a Bodyslam and Y2J gets up quickly and Test clotheslines him to the corner. Test then goes for a shoulder to gut in the corner but Y2J jumps over Test whe he tries and kicks him into the turnbuckle. Y2J then delivers a few Canadian Chops and the crowd boos. Test recovers and picks up Y2J and literally throws Y2J at the corner. Test elbows Y2J and soon sets him up on the turnbuckle. Test goes up and goes for a Superplex but Y2J pushes him off and outpowers him and hits a elbow drop and pins for a fast 2 count. Y2J then pounds on the head of Test. Test slowly gets up and Y2J kicks him and bounces off the ropes and goes for a Spinning Kick but Test ducks and Y2J falls but gets up to recieve a Kick to his gut and Test gives him the Tilt A Whirl Slam! Test pins for a 1 count and locks in a Chin Lock. Y2J winces his eyes and reaches hard for the ropes but Test is much bigger and stronger and holds Y2J in the middle of the ring. Y2J then gets to his feet and drops to one knee. Test is still holding on and Y2J elbows him and elbows again until he is free and runs off the ropes to deliver a Spinning Heel Kick! 1,2,Kickout by Test after the 2. The referee gets up and runs to the side as Y2J goes for a bulldog but Test pushes him off and delivers a new move called the Roll the Dice and Y2J falls face first. Test pins but only gets a slow 2 count. Test picks up Y2J and throws him out of the ring. Test gets out and whips Y2J at the pole and Y2J falls backwards. Test then slams Y2J face on the steps and throws him back in the ring and pins for 2 count. Test then slams his knee and goes for the Big Boot but Y2J ducks and hits the Bulldog and then hits a Lionsault and pins. 1, 2, Kick!!! Y2J slams his fist on the mat and gets up slowly using the ropes for help. Test sits up and gets up and Y2J kicks him and goes for a Bulldog again but Test reverses to a Pump Handle Slam! Test pins but once again only a 2 count! Test then slides out and grabs a steel chair and the World Championship Belt. Test throws the chair in and holds the title and gets in and hits the referee with it. The ref is down as Test picks up Y2J and goes for the Breakdown to him on a chair but Y2J gives him a lowblow. Test drops to one knee and Y2J delivers the Breakdown on a steel chair. Y2J pins and a new referee runs down and counts. 1,  2,  Test gets his shoulder up!!! Y2J can't believe it and gives the Breakdown to the referee! Y2J turns and Test gives him a huge Big Boot! Test pins and the original counts. 1, 2, 3!!! Test did it!! Test wins the World Title.

Jim Ross: "That is shocker to me! WOW!"

Jerry Lawler: "How did he do it?"

Jim Ross: "Test's dreams have finally come true but now, it's time for a main event we have been waiting for"

::: The titan tron fades and shows a video of what has happened between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. It begins with what happened at Vengeance with Stone Cold VS The Rock when Zack Cino hit Rock in the head with the title and Stone Cold delivered a Stone Cold Stunner and pinned to become the first ever WWF Champion. It then shows on RAW 4 when Kurt Angle gave Austin a chairshot after he fell out of the cage to retain his title. "The most controversial match in WWF History" Jim Ross says. "The Rock VS Stone Cold from Vengeance". It then shows SmackDown and Kurt giving Austin the Angle Slam to the win the tag team match. It then shows Zack Cino running as Kurt pounds on Austin and leaves. It then shows RAW 4 when Kurt fought Austin in another tag team match and defeated him with the Ankle Lock!!! Making Austin tap! It then sohws Zack getting the Angle Slam and everything turning black and white. t shows Austin and Kurt brawling and fighting in different matches and then shows SmackDown!4 when it came down to Austin and Zack,  and Angle. "These two to meet at Royal Rumble for the WWF Title. Zack Cino also at Austin's side". It then shows Kurt eliminating Austin and then Austin giving Kurt a stunner and Zack pinning him for the win. Then it shows Austin talking: "That sumb---h is going down. 1,2,3,. 3,2,1. Which ever way. And he will know Stone Cold Steve Austin is the last son of a WHAT? he wants to mess with" :::

Jim Ross: "These two have been brawling since Vengeance and who is your pick King?"

Jerry Lawler: "My royal pick defintely has to be Stone Cold. With Zack Cino at his corner he has defintely won"

Jim Ross: "But did you know, Kurt Angle has cost Austin an undefeated streak. His record is 6-3. Which reminds me, RVD has an undeafeated record. 8-0. But The Royal Rumble won't cost his record because it a classified match to only the first two and last two(in the ring)(not#30)"

::: "Medal" hits and Kurt Angle walks down in a Red, and white on his outfit and bluespikes all around it. He is also wearing his gold medals. He walks up to the ramp and stops. He stares at the thousands of fans and shoot his arms and head up and fireworks go off. He walks down and gets in the ring and holds up his arms. He then waits ready to fight :::

::: Kurt stands ready and then suddenly,  skull appears on the titan tron and "Glass Breaks" and the skull breaks into nothingness and Austin's video plays. He then walks down in his Alcohol Fueled vest and black shorts. He is also wearing Gold Knee braces and is holding his WWF Championship belt. He then looks back and Zack Cino walks down in his WWF jersey and baggy pants. He walks down and sits by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross at commentary and Austin gets in the ring and holds up the WWF Championship at every turnbuckle and hands it to Zack Cino and the bell rings starting this WWF Championship Street Fight :::

WWF Championship
Street Fight
Stone Cold Steve Austin(c) VS Kurt Angle
Stone Cold and Kurt Angle tie up and Kurt soon trips Austin and stomps down on him but Austin gets up and Angle ties up with him and Austin pushes him off and Angle ties up yet again. Angle the locks in a headlock but Austin pushes him off and hits a Lou Thesz Press and nails series of righthands. Austin then springs off the ropes and Hits an Austin Elbow Smash. Kurt quickly gets up and Austin pushes him to the ropes and hits a knee to his gut and pins him down but lifts him back up and punches him repeatively. Austin then sldies out and brings Kurt's head off the apron and elbows it and Kurt falls outside. Austin then picks up Kurt and throws him at the steps and Kurt falls back. Austin then holds the baracade and stomps a mudhole in Kurt Angle. Zack Cino begins trashing Kurt Angle at commentary. Austin then picks up Kurt and lifts him and slams him on the baracade. Angle falls back and Austin stomps on him and goes toward the ring and lifts up the apron. He then pulls out a baseball bat. Angle slowly gets up and Austin breaks the bat on his back and Angle falls down. Austin then beats Angle down with the broken piece and throws the bat aside and picks up Angle. He goes for a chop but Angle ducks and kicks Auston in the gut and he falls. Angle then stomps on him and throws him in the ring. Austin kicks out at 1 and Angle sits in the corner. Austin gets up before Angle and when Angle gets up he elbows him in the turnbuckle. Angle then gets up again and Austin delivers a quick Stunner! 1,2,Angle kicks out! My goodness. No one has ever kicked out of a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin is amazed Kurt kicked out but then realizes he did it to early in the match and goes for a Austin Elbow Smash but Angle moves. Austin gets up and Kurt delivers a Vertical Suplex.Kurt then goes to the ropes and Zack gets up and punches Kurt off of them. Austin gets up and gets out of the ring and goes to whip Angle at the steps but Angle reverses and Austin falls facefirst hitting his knees on the steps. Angle and Austin are both down. Zack continues trashing Angle's technique at commentary and Angle and Austin get up. Angle punches but the Austin punches back. The two continue exchanges blows until Austin kicks him and rolls him in the ring and pins for a 2 count. Austin curses under his breath and he gets out of the ring and begins throwing weapons in the ring. He gets in and Angle hits him with a trashcan lid he threw in and bashes him again and Austin falls over the ropes, out of the ring. Angle gets up and jumps out of the ring and slams Austin on the announcer table. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler move but Zack Cino gets up and Angle then grabs him and gives him a Belly-To-Belly threw the table!!! Zack is not moving and Austin and Angle brawl again. They get back to the ring and Austin then kicks but Angle reverses and goes for the Angle Slam but Austin spins him and hits the Stunner! 1,2,Angle gets his foot on the rope!!! Austin slams his fist on the ring mat and looks furious. Austin then gets up and Angle trips him and locks in the Ankle Lock!!! Austin yells in pain and crawls to the ropes but Angle drags him back. Zack then storms in the ring a little drowsy and hits Angle with a chair. Austin pins for a 2 count and about a half. Austin then pick up the chair and hits Angle with it again and pins for another 2! Austin can;t believe it and he goes for a Stone Cold Stunner but Angle reverses to the Angle Slam!! 1,2,Zack breaks it up. Zack then picks up the chair and Angle slowly gets up and Zack hits him right in the head with it. He drops the chair and pulls Austin right over Angle and the ref pins. NO NOT THIS WAY! 1,2,3!!! AUSTIN RETAINS THE WWF CHAMPIONSHIP THANKS TO ZACK CINO!!!

Jim Ross: "NO! WHY!"

Jerry Lawler: "Alright! That was great!"

Jim Ross: "Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldv'e lost that match if it weren't for Zack Cino!"

Jerry Lawler: "Bull J.R.! BULL! Austin had it won since the beginning!"