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Byte This! 2

Diamond Dallas Page: Welcome to WWF Byte This. I am Positively Page. Diamond Dallas Page and I am the new host.

Kevin Kelly: BAH! Rub it in my face. You beat me.

Diamond Dallas Page: Yes. That is right. On SmackDown, I defeated you to become the host of Byte This! On my paycheck it says For: Hosting. To Diamond Dallas Page. And I get better pay than you. And the bigger dressing room!

Kevin Kelly: Well, today our guest is none other than Edge! The new intercontinental champion is on the line.

Diamond Dallas Page: Hello Edge? Are you there?

Edge: Yes DDP. I can hear you. Can you smell the awesomeness I reek?

Diamond Dallas Page: No doubt man. I smell you reeking of awesomeness.

Edge: Good. Well I am ready for your questions.

Diamond Dallas Page: Okay, great. First of all, any comments on William Regal.

Edge: Well I knew this would come up. William Regal is an athlete and he is the #1 contender of my Edgeanental Title. But there's no way those brass knuckles will help him in the quest. See, I plan on teaching Regal a message at the royal Rumble!

Diamond Dallas Page: Hm... Is that a challenge for the Royal Rumble to Regal?

Kevin Kelly: I think it is. And let me catch a phrase from you Page. That's not a bad thing. It's a good thing.

Diamond Dallas Page: Alright Kev! You are catching on! Anyway, next Edge, how do you feel about your brother know that he is European Champ?

Edge: Christian is my brother although he is merely flesh and blood. Other than that, we are not related. But, Christian did a good job cheating Matt Hardy out of the title. Great job Christian but now, you see. Rikishi is after your title and I'm sure he will back his --- up into your face!

Kevin Kelly: Oh man!

Diamond Dallas Page: Shut up Kevin. You love Christian. You should really join his fan club. You'll be the newest member. Wait I meant only member.

Edge: Ha Ha! That's right DDP. Anyway, I have to go soon

Diamond Dallas Page: Well we won't keep you bro. Peace out.

Kevin Kelly: *immitates Page* Peace out bro......Gez. Bye Edge.

Kevin Kelly: See you all next time on Byte This!

Diamond Dallas Page: And next weeks guest. Two! Tazz and Rhyno!