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::: "Glass Breaks" and Stone Cold walks down with his WWF Championship belt in his hand. He has a bandage over his forehead from Royal Rumble when Kurt busted him open. Austin gives the middle finger and holds up the title at every corner of the ring and grabs a microphone and begins talking :::

Stone Cold: Last night, I was beaten down by a certain Kurt Angle. Zack Cino got his butt in this ring and took down Kurt and had me pin him. WHAT? I say he helped me. Well going here from the Royal Rumble. At the airport, the limo driver, people on the street, the crew backstage!they all went up to Stone Cold. "Stone Cold Stone Cold!". And I said WHAT? They said Kurt Angle shoudv'e beat me. They said I am a weakling. A no good, wimp. Well right now. ZACK CINO! Bring your --- to this ring"

Jim Ross: What is going on? Stone Cold angry with Zack Cino?

Jerry Lawler: Probably wants to thank him

::: "My Way" by Limp Bizkit hits and Zack Cino walks down in a suit with a smirk on his face and enters the ring ::

Zack Cino: What do you want Steve?

Stone Cold: Now until I'm done. I want you to keep your mouth shut. At Vengeance. You helped me defeat the Rock but I couldv'e done it anway. But last night, you basically, won the match for me. Did I ask you to help me? Did I ask you to hit Kurt Angle over the head with the chair? Did I? WHAT? Zack Cino. I never asked you to bring down your little --- to this ring and help me. So our buissness. Our friendship. Our partnership. It's over!

Zack Cino: What do you mean? You think these fans mean a difference? You think they matter? You still have that title and that is all that matters!

::: Stone Cold gives Zack Cino a Stone Cold Stunner and the fans cheer and he calls for two beers and drinks them both and then pours a beer over Zack Cino and "Glass Breaks" again to kick off RAW! Suddenly, Kurt Angle runs down and delivers a huge suplex to Austin and takes the WWF Title and holds it up. Zack then gets up and Kurt helps him to the back getting him some boos. Austin gets up and curses under his breath as RAW hits :::

WWF Tag Team Championship
Tazz and Rhyno VS Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert
Tazz gets a Bulldog and Scotty goes for the WORM but Rhyno gores him to the outside. Albert then goes for the Baldobomb to Tazz but Tazz kick him and gives him a Tazzplex. Rhyno gets in and GOREs Albert for the win.

Tommy Dreamer VS Kane
Tommy Dreamer shows great moves in this match and goes for a Dreamer Driver on Kane but Kane reverses to a chokeslam. Tommy Dreamer is out but kicks at 2!!! Kane then goes for the Tombstone but Tommy reverses to the Dreamer DDT for the win. Suddenly, "Rollin" hits and Undertaker comes out and massacres Tommy Dreamer and gives him a chair blow to the neck!

Bradshaw, Faarooq and Big Show VS The Dudley Boyz and Christian
Christian gives Bradshaw the Unprettier and Bradshaw is down. Faarooq delivers the Spinebuster to Christian. The Dudley Boyz give Big Show a 3-D! Then, Bradshaw gives both of the Dudley Boyz the Clothesline From Heck. Bradshaw is down and Christian pins him for the win!

::: "Time To Play The Game" hits and Triple H walks down in his H}{H logo shirt. Blue jeans. Jacket and black vest over it. He has a water bottle in his hand and walks down the ramp. He spits a small mist and goes to the side. He throws the bottle and spits a huge mist of water up in the air and mists out the rest and enters the ring. He does the muscle pose at each of the corners and gets a microphone and begins to speak :::

Triple H: The 2002 Winner of the Royal Rumble. You are staring right at him. But tonight, I have a few more important things to worry about than what happened at Royal Rumble. I eliminated Undertaker and Rock and won. Enough said. But right now, I have to tak about Wrestlemania. I am going to Wrestlemania this year and I am going to become the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania. But I have a few things to talk about. One, will I make it to Wrestlemania? I am the Game. I have taken out everyone in my path. Chris Jericho. The Rock. You name it. I will make it. But who will face? You see. Stone Cold may not make it. So, I want to Austin to know something. I want him at Wrestlemania. I want to become the 2nd WWF Champion. I want to end his reign. So right now, AUSTIN. Get out here right now!!!

::: "If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'!" hits and The Rock comes down the stage with a microphone :::

The Rock: Woah! Woah! Woah! The Rock just hear you corectly? You say you are going to Wrestlemania and that you have taken out the Rock in your path? Triple H. The only you did last night was eliminate The Rock who was in the Rumble since #5. In for about an hour. You think you are so great eliminating Undertaker who eliminated half the Royal Rumble participants? The Rock says you may have eliminated Undertaker but you did not take out the Rock from your path. Cause I want to go to Wrestlemania toi get a piece of Austin for revenge of Vengeance. So Triple H. After tonight, when we team up against Undertaker and Kurt Angle. Me and you. It's not over. Me and you have unfinished buissness.

Triple H: Rock? You challenging me for my rights to go to Wrestlemania?

Rock: Yes. The Rock is challenging you at No Way Out for your Wrestlemania #1 Contendership!!"

Triple H: ...

::: "Time to Play The Game" hits and Triple H begins to leave but the Rock tells him to wait :::

The Rock: You don't just leave after a challenge! You accept or decline! Triple H? Do you accept and fufill your quest. Or do you decline and prepare for weeks of living hell on earth

Triple H: You want to face me for my Wrestlemania #1 Contendership? Triple H VS The Rock. No Way Out. I ACCEPT!

WWF World Championship
Test VS Edge
Test and Edge exchange moves left and right. Edge-a-matic. Pump Handle Slam. Spear. Full Nelson Slam. Edge then goes for the Figure Four Edge Lock but Test gets out of it and hits his new move, Roll The Dice for a 2 and then Y2J breaks it up resulting in a DQ. Edge leaves and Y2J gives Test a Breakdown on a chair.

The Rock and Triple H VS Kurt Angle and Undertaker
The Rock gives Kurt a Rock Bottom. Undertaker is pedigreed by Triple H. Triple H pins but Zack Cino breaks it up and Rock gives Zack a Spinebuster. Triple H turns to the Rock and Rock gives him a Rock Bottom!!! Kurt Angle pins Triple H to win and Triple H stares at Rock who is on the apron.