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WWF Vengeance Results

::: "A Place For My Head" hits as a video of all the superstars that have come these past weeks. It shows Rock winning the Fatal Fourway and then Austin winning the Fatal Fourway. It shows Y2J beating Kurt Angle and  It shows Triple H beating The Rock and The Rock and Austin beating Triple H and Y2J. It then shows Triple H smiling as Y2J loses to Austin thanks to him and the Rock. It then shows Triple H swinging his sledgehammer. They then show Rock and Austin on the tron to show the match video. Rock is giving the People's Eyebrow and then loosk determined and stops. Austin looks to be cussing and then says WHAT? and stands still and looks determined. Rock VS Austin tonight. Then they show Triple H and Jericho. Jericho yells like a lion and Triple H flexes his muscles and they stop moving. Triple H VS Jericho tonight :::

:::The tron is shown and pyros and fireworks go off. 43,000 fans in the Houston Dome in Texas. The fans cheer as hundreds of signs are shown as the camera shows the crowd. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at ringside at the announce table and greet us :::

Jim Ross: "Finally, Vengeance has arrived. The time has come and Champions will be crowned. Weeks of fueding has brought us here. I am Jim Ross"

Jerry Lawler: "And Jerry "The King" Lawler here. Tonight we have a huge card and you have to admit. This ppv sets the standard of the next 6 weeks of wrestling"

Jim Ross: "We have 43,000 plus fans at WWF New York and WWF Miami. And at WWF New York is the lovely Trish and at WWF Miami is RIKISHI!"

Jerry Lawler: "We are going to update you on the card real fast. The only dissapoint is no puppies this evening but maybe Trish will give us some stratusfaction from WWFNY"

Jim Ross: "Ofcourse the WWF Championship Match with Rock and Stone Cold and the World Title match with Jericho and Triple H."

Jerry Lawler: "Also, the Intercontinental Championship with Edge and Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam VS Taker for the Hardcore Title and The Dudleyz VS Team Hardcore for the Tag Titles"

Jim Ross: "And the European Title Match with Christian and Matt Hardy and the Light-Heavyweight Title Match with Jeff Hardy and Jerry Lynn"

Jerry Lawler: "And right now. KANE VS TEST!"

::: "BOOM! OUT OF THE FIRE!" hits and pyros go off as a fire video is shown and Kane walks out pulling up his elbow pads. He slides in the ring and lifts up his arms and pushes them down and each turnbuckle has fire go up from it :::

::: "This Is A Test" hits and Test walks down and slides in and climbs the ropes and holds up his arms :::

Kane VS Test
Kane stands still and breathes and then Test kicks him and the match begins. Test pounds on Kane but then Kane pushes him down and punches him into the corner. Kane then elbows Test's face. Test then clothesline sKane but Kane still stands. Test then kicks him downstairs and clotheslines him down. Test then stomps hard on Kane and then locks in a reverse chin lock. Kane slowly stands and reaches for the ropes but is unable and flips Test over and Test hits a Jawbreaker on his way down. 1...Kane kicks quickly. Test then slams the floor and gets up and waits for Kane to. Kane gets up and Test kicks him. Test then runs at him but Kane ducks and Test turns and gets a Sidewalk Slam from Kane. Kane then slowly gets up and signals that it is over as he climbs up. He waits and Test turns and Kane jumps. Kane goes for the Flying Clothesline but then Test hits the Big Boot!!! 1....2...Kane kicks!! Test pins again. 1....2...Kick! Test then slams Kane's head and pins. 1....2...Kane kicks and sits up. Test stalks him and Kane gets a Full-Nelson Slam. Test pins. 1....2...Kane kicks and Test gets up in anger. He turns and Kane kicks him down. Kane then climbs the turnbuckle and jumps again and hits the Flying Clothesline. 1.....2....Test kicks. Kane then gets up and pulls Test up. Kane then goes for a chokeslam but Test elbows him and goes for a Big Boot but so does Kane and they both fall down. The ref begins to count. 1....2....3....4....5....6...Kane gets up and Test does too. Kane goes for another kick but Test ducks and bounces off the ropes and flips out of the ring and immediately goes for a chair. Kane waits as Test gets in the ring. Test goes for a chairshot but Kane ducks and Test drops the chair and Kane punches him. Test then falls and as Kane is waiting. Test hits a lowblow. Test then hits the Pumphandle Slam! 1....2....Kane kicks at the last minute. Test looks angry as he yells at the ref. Kane then sits up and gets up and Test turns. Kane delivers Test with a massive chokeslam! 1....2....3!!! Kane wins with the chokeslam. Test is still down as Kane lifts up his arms and throws them down and pyros go off from the corners and Kane leaves

::: The camera shows the back where Kevin Kelly has Rob Van Dam next to him and Kevin Kelly has a microphone :::

Kevin Kelly: "Well RVD, tonight you face the Undertaker. This fued has gone on for a while now and what are you're comments on it?"

Rob Van Dam: "Well, this all started at the Fatal Fourway when he threw me off the stage onto the camera equipment. I have never lost a match yet and I didn't lose that one because Kane took my place and it goes on his record. I have beat Kane, and Christian. These guys are no where near Taker's level but they weren't near mine either"

Kevin Kelly: "And comments before you go out there to fight for the Hardcore Title?"

Rob Van Dam: "You know Taker has alot of things for him in this match-up. He's physically bigger than me. He is defintely hardcore. But, I have never lost. He has. In ECW, I owned the TV Title division and in the WWF, I will own the Hardcore division. You can bet your --- that's true cause I'm Rob(thumb) VAN(thumb) DAM(thumb)!"

::: The camera shows the ring area and "CHRIS-TIAN!!!CHRIS-TIAN!!!Now That You're on You're Own!" hits and gold pyros fall from the ceiling and Christian walks down for his match which is for the European Championship. Christian enters to a huge boo from the crowd. "2Xtreme" hits and Matt Hardy runs down to huge pop from the crowd and enters the ring for the match to begin::

WWF European Championship
Christian VS Matt Hardy
Christian ignores the unflattering chants and goes straight for Matt. Matt ducks and kicks him into the corner. They then continue the match with various holds but the Christian hits the spinebuster and pins. 1...Matt kicks and Christian locks in the Sleeper Hold. Matt gets to his feet slowly and flips Christian and dropkicks him down. Matt then spears Christian down and hammers him with hard right hands. Matt then waits for Christian to get up and goes for the Twist of Fate but it is reversed and Christian hits the Neckbreaker. 1....2..Matt kicks. Christian then goes to the top rope and goes for a splash but Matt dropkicks him in mid-air. Matt then goes to the second rope and hits the Leg Drop! 1....2...Christian kicks. Matt then pulls up Christian goes for a Twist of Fate but once again it is reversed into, this time, the Unprettier but Matt pushes him off and hits Christian with a DDT. 1...2..Christian kicks and Christian begins to make a fit for not kicking out earlier. Matt then gets up and Christian pushes him the ref. The ref is down and Christian then goes for the Unprettier but Matt hits the Twist of FATE! He pins but there is no ref. Matt goes to wake the ref and Christian hits a lowlbow and the Unprettier! 1....2...3!!! Christian slides out and holds his hands in victory with his newly won, European Championship!

Jerry Lawler: "The new Champion of Europe!"

Jim Ross: "How did this guy do it? He cheats every match!"

::: The backstage area shows Test walking into Lillian Garcia :::

Test: "Woah Woah Woah...Lillian!"

Lillian Garcia: "Yes?"

Test: "Don't act like you don't know it. I see you looking at me!"

Lillian Garcia: "What?"

Test: "You are so right. Kane may be big. Kane may be scary. Kane might've beat me. But I'm am still the #1 Ladie's Man and how about me and you go party Texas style?What? You are missing out on something great. I mean how can you pass this up?"

Lillian Garcia: "Whatever"

::: The camera switches back to the ring :::

Jim Ross: "HA HA HA HA"

Jerry Lawler: "Maybe Lillian had some other plans. I mean, it must've been important to pass up Test!"

Jim Ross: "Yeah right"

::: The camera switches to a WWF programmed preview of Raw :::

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