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WWF Vengeance Results 2

Jim Ross: "At WWF Miami, Rikishi is there and we can tell he is backing it up"

Jerry Lawler: "Look at those puppies near him"

::: Camera shows Rikishi with 6 female dancers and Rikishi is dancing to his music: "Bad Boy" :::

::: "2Xtreme" hits and Jeff Hardy dances down spitting water out he moves down the ramp and enters the ring with his black and white, ripped arm sleeves and a Hardy Boyz Twist of Fate shirt on. He then climbs the turnbuckle and gives the Hardy sign and waits for his opponent :::

::: "LYNN" hits and Jerry Lynn walks down to the ring laughing and gets in the ring and holds up his fists and spins :::

WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy VS Jerry Lynn
Jeff and Jerry tie up and Jeff goes for a headlock but Jerry reverses to a waist-lock. Jeff flips backward and reverses the waist-lock and then Jerry kicks him back and ties up again. Jeff then pushes Jerry back and dropkicks him for a brawl to begin. Jerry then punches Jeff into the ropes and puts his hands over the ropes and chops him until Jeff falls down. Jerry picks him up and Jeff is whipped at the ropes and reverses and hits a hurricarana to Jerry. Jeff pins for a 1 count and goes to the top rope. Jerry then pushes him off and slams him hard to the mat. Jerry flips up on the turnbuckle and hits the No-Legged Moonsault. Jeff seems to be in pain as Jerry pins. 1....2....Jeff kicks and Jerry drags him to the corner and stomps him repeatively. Jerry then flips back and kicks in Jeff's gut and pins. 1...2...Jeff gets his foot on the ropes. Jerry then picks Jeff and goes for the Lynnerizer but Jeff reverses and hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff then climbs up top and goes for the Swaton Bomb but Jerry moves. Jerry then climbs up and goes for the Shooting Star Press and misses hwen Jeff rolls away. Jeff then climbs up and hits the Swaton Bomb!!! 1....2....3!!! Jeff is the new and first ever, WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion! Jerry then kicks the turnbuckle as he leaves and looks angry

Jim Ross: "We have gotten past those matches and now begins the 2nd part. The fueded matches that have been signed due to fueds very recent"

Jerry Lawler: "The Hardcore Title Match is so close and you better believe these two have had a fued together and it is very physical"

::: The titan tron shows Rob Van Dam and Undertaker both standing by eachother. Undertaker has his arms crossed and Rob Van Dam has his thumbs by his head. Beneath it says: "Rob Van Dam VS The Undertaker. WWF Hardcore Championship". Then the video rolls. It shows Rob Van Dam beating Christian and the huge ovation he recieved. Then it shows when Undertaker is 5 Star Frog Splashed him before SmackDown! on RAW. It then shows the two fighting on SmackDown! and then Undertaker Last Rideing RVD off the ramp and loud music plays. It then shows RVD hitting 5 Star Frog Splashes to various people and then shows Undertaker chokeslamming and Last Riding people. It then shows what happened recently on RAW and shows Taker chokeslamming RVD during his match with Kane. Then on SmackDown! when Undertaker double chokeslammed RVD and Test. It then shows RVD, the chants he recieves and him doing the thumb pose. Then him hitting his moves, The Vandaminator, The 5 Star Frog Splash and then him smiling. Then it shows Undertaker, the heat he recieves, him beating on various superstars, him giving RVD the chokeslam and two Last Rides. Then the video closes :::

::: "Respect" hits and Rob Van Dam walks down to the ring and enters with his purple, skull and dragon wrestling attire on. RVD then does the thumb taunt and waits :::

::: The lights dim and then flash as "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit is played and Undertaker rides down the ramp on his personalized Undertaker bike. Undertaker rides around the ring and parks the bike on the ramp.  He then takes off his Dead Man Inc. knit hat and sunglasses and takes off his bandana and My Yard t-shirt and gets in the ring and waits :::

WWF Hardcore Championship
The Undertaker VS Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam ties up with Taker but Taker does not want to waist his time with locks and pushes RVD back. Taker then punches RVD into the corner and elbows him massively. RVD falls to the floor but Taker pulls him up and begins and slap on his chest. RVD then falls forwar and Undertaker kicks him down in the gut and chops his neck. Taker then grabs RVD's arm and twists it as RVD yells in pain. RVD then flips and knocks Taker down and hits a leg drop but Taker quickly recovers and focuses on Van Dam's arm. Undertaker then lifts RVD up by his arm only and drops him and RVD yells in pain. Taker then climbs up still having that tight grip on RVD;s wrist and hits the Oldschool! RVD is down flat and Taker pins. 1....2..RVD kicks. Taker then chokes him and slides out of the ring. Taker then goes under the ring and tosses in various items which are all legal in Hardcore Championship matches. Taker throws in, signs, cans, lids, and then throws in two chairs and a rope. Taker then tries to get in the ring but RVD bangs him on the head with one of the lids. RVD then waits for the Undertaker to get in and goes for hit him with a trashcan but Taker kicks right through it and RVD falls. Taker then grabs a Handicap Sign and bangs it on RVD's back and makes RVD fall to the floor. Taker then bangs him on the back many times repeating "YOU WILL RESPECT ME". Undertaker then throws the sign aside and picks up a chair as the crowd cheers. Taker then turns and recieves a Vandaminator!!! 1....2...Taker kicks and RVD falls forward at the might fo the kickout. Taker gets up and grabs a chair again swipeing off blood from his busted open forehead and hits RVD with it and then throws RVD out of the ring. Taker climbs out of the ring and punches RVD to the middle of the ramp and then hits a chokeslam! Pins are legal anywhere and Taker pins for only a 2 count. RVD looks to be in serious pain as Taker then leads RVD to the side of the stage where RVD fell off on SmackDown!. Taker then sets him up for the Last Ride but RVD frog leaps off and kicks Taker almost into it but Taker recovers his balance in time. RVD then punches Taker to the backstage area and the camera goes backstage. It shows them down the hall and RVD slams Taker onto a snack table. Taker then reverses and pushes RVD onto the chips and drinks. RVD is soaking wet and bloody with the glass and Taker throws him into someones lockerroom. It is Zack Cino's office. Taker throws RVD onto the floor and points at RVD and then Zack's desk but Zack is not in his office. Taker then chokeslams RVD onto the desk!!! 1........2......Right before the hand hit the floor, RVD got his shoulder up but Jerry Lawler argues with Jim Ross about it. Taker then takes RVD back to the hallway and throws him back to the stage. Taker then kicks RVD and rolls him down to the ring. Taker then pins once in the ring. 1....2....RVD kicks. Taker then grabs the rope and begins to choke RVD with it and RVD yells in pain. Taker then make's a hanging rope and puts it around RVD's neck and pulls RVD by it and RVD turns red and gasps for air. Taker lets go and throws the rope into the audience. Taker then locks in the TCB(Taking Care Of Buissness) Dragon Hammerlock. RVD looks to tap out but flips Taker over and pins quickly. 1.....2....Taker kicks. RVD then grabs the chair and tosses it to Taker and goes for the Vandaminator but Taker just hits him with it and RVD falls hard on a trashcan. Taker pins but only gets a long, long, 2 count. Taker then goes for the Last Ride. This could be it. Taker then gives RVD the Last Ride. Taker pins. 1....It's over...2.......Good job, RVD,..!!! Taker pulls RVD up!!! Taker then smiles and places RVD on the climbs the ropes and begins to set up RVD for a top rope Last Ride!!! The Undertaker just wanted to make RVD hurt. Taker then goes for the Last Ride but RVD flips him down. The crowd cheers and RVD turns and hits a HUGE 5 Star Frog Splash!!!!!! 1.....2.....3!!! Rob Van Dam wins! Rob Van Dam is the first and new WWF Hardcore Champion.

Jim Ross: "WOW! That is action!"

Jerry Lawler: "Taker shouldv'e never lifted RVD up on the Last Ride before. He should of went to the 3 instead of going for a big move. That cost him"

::: The backstage area shows The Rock arriving and setting his duffel bag down on a chair and gets ready for his match :::

::: Then it shows Stone Cold watching a TV with a beer in his hand that he is drinking :::

::: Suddenly, Y2J is shown backstage will Sharmell Sullivan. He is smirking and she is ready to talk with the microphone firmly in her hands :::

SS: "Chris Jericho... I just have a few questions before your big match with Triple H tonight for the World Title"

Y2J: "Interview with me? Are you worthy enough? To interview the World Champion, Living Legend, One and Only Chris Jericho?"

SS: "Well technically you aren't World Champion yet and ..."

Y2J: "O Sharmell. Consider my match tonight. Already won"

::: Jericho walks away and Sharmell looks at Y2J strangely :::

Jim Ross: "What an ego!"

Jerry Lawler: "He may have an ego, but he can back it up!"

Jim Ross: "The only reason he is in this match is because Edge interfered to beat on Kurt Angle and Y2J took advantage!"

Jerry Lawler: "That match is soon too and so is the Tag Team Match which is NEXT!"