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::: "Beautiful People" hits and a Smackdown Video plays and then the titan tron is shown where the metallic massive fist lights up from fireworks and pryos from the stage. The arena of Orlando is shown with 25,000 fans and the announcing desk is shown where Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are sitting :::

Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Welcome to Smackdown! Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight we have a huge show! I am Jerry "THE KING" Lawler"

Michael Cole: "I am Michael Cole. You are absolutely right King. Tonight, we have another Fatal Fourway to decide who faces The Rock at Vengeance!"

Jerry Lawler: "And two Tag Team matches to decide the teams that face at Vengeace"

Michael Cole: "And Kurt Angle VS Jericho for the World Title match spot at Vengeace"

::: The screen shows backstage in a office with EARLIER TODAY on the bottom. It shows The Rock walking into Shane McMahon in the hall :::

Shane: "Hi Rock"

Rock: "Woah Woah Woah Shane McMahon. The Rock thinks you have something more to say than hello. The Rock is going to Vengeance to face whatever jabroni wins tonight and he will be your champion. YOUR WWF CHAMPION"

Shane: "Exactly Rock. But if you didn't know. Rob Van Dam is winning tonight!"

::: The camera goes back to the ring and "Xtreme" hits and Matt and Jeff Hardy dance down to the ring accompanied by Lita. Matt and Jeff and Lita do their pre-match routine and "ECW" hits and Tazz and Rhyno run down and the match begins :::

The Hardy Boyz VS Tazz and Rhyno
Lita goes to the outside and Tazz and Rhyno hammer on the Hardyz but Matt and Jeff quickly gain the advantage and Jeff hits a DDT on Rhyno as Tazz and Matt go to their corners. Jeff hits his usual moves and then Rhyno hits a Bulldog on him and then tags in the Brooklyn Bully Tazz. Tazz nails two clotheslines and then a Tazzplex and Matt tags himself in and the ref looses control of the match. Matt hammers at Tazz and Rhyno clotheslines Jeff out of the ring. Tazz then locks Matt in the Tazzmission but Matt gets out and hits the Twist of Fate and Rhyno GORES him! Jeff then gives Tazz a Swaton Bomb and pins. 1...2...Rhyno breaks it up and gives Jeff and GORE and pins. 1....2.. Matt saves him brother. Matt is still down and Rhyno gets up as the ref is being held by Matt. Lita climbs the to top rope and gives Rhyno a Litacurana! Matt pins once Lita is out of ther ring. 1...2...Rhyno kicks! Tazz and Jeff are up and Matt is locked in the Tazzmission and Jeff runs at the ropes and jumps off only to get a GORE! 1......2......3!!!  Tazz unlocks and Rhyno and Tazz hold up their arms in victory and leave. Tazz and Rhyno are going to be in the Tag Team Title match at VENGEANCE!

JL: "Lita was looking nice!"

MC: "Well Team Hardcore are looking pretty good"

::: The camera shows Kurt Angle walking into Zack Cino's office and Zack gets up and shakes his hand :::

Kurt: "Pleasure to meet your sir. Your are great owner"

Zack: Get to the point Kurt"

Kurt: "Right. I noticed that I am facing Y2J tonight for the World Title #1 Contendership. I just want to know who the #2 Contender is so I can know who will cry at Vengeance"

Zack: "Weren't you crying on RAW when you lost?"

::: The camera switches to the the ring and "WELCOME TO DUDLEYVILLE" hits and the Dudley Boyz along with Stacy Kiebler walked down to the ring. The Dudleys wait and "TOO COOL" hitys and the Zoo Crew, Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert dance into the ring :::

#2 WWF Tag Team Title Contender
The Dudley Boyz VS Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert
Buh-Buh and D-von hammer on the Zoo Crew and D-von starts out with Scotty. Scotty then kicks D-von and whips him but D-von reverses and Scotty flips off the ropes and kicks him into the turnbuckle. Scotty holds the advantage for a minute when he tags Albert. D-von is then kncoked down twice by Albert and then Buh-Buh tags himself in. Buh-Buh goes for a clothesline on Albert but Albert doesn't budge. Albert punches Buh-Buh around and then dances and hits a knockdown and tags Scotty. D-von then runs at Albert and Albert ducks and Scotty kicks D-von. The Dudleyz are down and Stacy gets on the apron. Albert walks to her and she looks afraid and Albert brings her in the ring! Scotty then hits the Bulldog on her and goes for the Worm!!! Buh-Buh hits Scotty and Albert throws Buh-Buh out of the ring and then D-von. Albert lifts Scotty up who is drozy. Albert then squezzes his neck and Scotty holds his arms out for the Worm! W--O--R--M!!! WOOWOOWOO! Scotty then slaps Stacy's butt! Scotty and Albert laugh and Buh-Buh and D-von nail then with clotheslines. Buh-Buh and D-von do a Double Neck Breaker to Albert and Buh-Buh slams Scotty and they hit the WASSAP! Buh-Buh then tells D-von to GET THE TABLES! Albert meets D-von only to be slammed in the ring steps. D-von pulls out a table and sets it up outside and Albert and him get in the ring. Buh-Buh throws Scotty at the ropes and Albert hammers Buh-Buh. D-von knocks Scotty down and whips Albert and him and Buh-Buh throw Albert out of the ring into the table!!! Scotty gets up and gets the Dudley Death Drop 3D! 1.......2.......3! The Dudley Boyz VS Team Hardcore at Vengeace for the Tag Team Titles.

Jim Ross: "That match at Vengeance is going to be awesome"


Jim Ross: "Well earlier today we caught up with Undertaker"

::: Titan tron shows backstage with Coach and Undertaker with the square saying EARLIER TODAY at the bottom :::

Coach: "Well Undertaker. Last Monday on RAW Stone Cold beat you. Tonight you face him, Rob Van Dam and Rikishi in a Fatal Fourway Elimination match to determine who faces the Rock at Vengeance"

Undertaker: "Last monday. I got my --- whipped on RAW. I'll admit it.Stone Cold beat me then. But he won't tonight. And Rikishi and Rob Van Dam, will wish they were dead when I'm through with them. If were done, I have to get ready"

::: Taker leaves an amazed Coach as the titan tron shows Jericho tightening his elbow pads in the back and Kurt Angle preparing :::

Jim Ross: "Kurt Angle VS Chris Jericho to see who faces in the match at Vengeance for the World Title"

Jerry Lawler: "I think Kurt will pull this one out"

::: "Medal" hits the PA and Kurt Angle's video is played as he walks down in his Flag type Wrestling outfit. He stops before the ramp begins and throws his arms up and RED WHITE AND BLUE fireworks go up :::

Jim Ross: "Tonight's production is sponsered by Lugz Boots, and Chef Boardee"

::: Kurt gets in the ring and grabs a microphone :::

Kurt Angle: "Hello to all the fans in Orlando. I came out here to tell you all a little story. It was 1996 and this man was wrestling in the Olympics and won the Gold Medals. Ofcourse this man is me. And just like I did in 1996, I'll do right now in 2002 against Y2J"

Crowd: "YOU SUCK"(chants)

Kurt Angle: "SHUT UP"

Crowd: "WHAT?" (chants)

::: "" countdown plays and then BOOM!!!"Break the Walls Down" hits and Chris Jericho walks down to a huge pop from the crowd(believe it or not) Jericho has a microphone and stops at the middle of the ramp :::

Jericho: "Newsflash Kurt. 1996 is so 7 years ago. Still remember that Kurt? Say... Kurt... How about you wake up in 2002 so I can kick the memory out of you! Right now!"

Chris Jericho VS Kurt Angle
#1 Contendership of WWF World Championship
Angle has Y2J in the ankle lock and Y2J gets the ropes. Jericho is then pushes in the ref after reversing an angle slam. Edge comes out and hits Kurt over ther head with a chair and gives him a Edge-a-cution on that chair. Jericho puts an arm over and the ref counts and Jericho wins. Edge then gets in the ring.

Edge: I have sat by and watch Kurt say he is the olympic champion. How he represents the world. But, now what would the world think of him? Being beaten down by a young blond kid named Edge? Kurt, I am challenging you to a match at Vengeance for the Intercontinental Championship. And you will see, that I will be totally reeking of awesomeness and send you for your Edge-a-cution and win the Edgeanental Championship!

::: Kurt sneaks on Edge from behind and gives him an Angle Slam and locks in the Ankle Lock and doesn't let go. The refs finnally break it up and Kurt gives Edge an Edge-a-cution on the chair!!! Kurt then says the words and Edge hears him say: "I ACCEPT":::

Jim Ross: "Kurt Angle VS Edge for the IC Title. Boy, this ppv is shaping to be a huge card"

Jerry Lawler: "Without a doubt. Hey... it's the Rock!"

::: "IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!" hits and The Rock walks down and sits by Jerry Lawler at ringside and puts on the headphones to do some color commentary :::

Jim Ross: "Well Rock what brings you here?"

Rock: "The Rock is here to see who he is facing at Vengeance"

::: "Respect" hits and Rob Van Dam walks down to a huge ovation from the crowd and he enters the ring:::

::: "Bad Boy" hits and Rikishi comes down to another ovation but not like the pop RVD got :::

::: "Glass Breaks" and Stone Cold Steve Austin walks down with his SCSA vest on and he gets a huge ovation. Stone Cold then climbs the turnbuckles and holds up his fists :::

::: "KEEP ROLLIN" hits and Undertaker comes on his bike to the ring and gets off and slides in and the match begins :::

#2 Contendership of WWF Championship
Rob Van Dam VS Rikishi VS Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Undertaker
Rob Van Dam eliminates Rikishi with a 5 Star Frog Splash. Undertaker and Rob Van Dam brawl on the ramp to the stage and Austin follows and then Triple H attacks Austin. Rock runs and makes the save only to be pedigreed and Triple H leaves.  Undertaker then throws RVD off the stage into the camera equipment. Stone Cold is carried to the ring by Taker and Taker ends up recieving a Stunner and Austin eliminates him but the ref does not call for the bell and Fink says a new wrestler will take RVD's place and this will not count on RVD's record. IT'S KANE!!! After a long war Austin gives Kane a Stunner and is going to Vengeance in the main event. Rock then Rock Bottoms Austin and challenges Triple H to a match tonight for the #2 Contendership of the World Title

::: Rob Van Dam is carried away by the EMTs when Taker comes and beats on RVD again and puts his neck on a chair and slams the chair down and RVD's neck could be injured! :::

#2 Contendership of the World Championship
Triple H VS The Rock
Rock hits the Rock Bottom but the ref is down. Austin then comes down and hits Rock over the head with a chair. Tripl H makes a cover and wins. Jericho then comes out and beats on H}{H. Austin then hits all 3 men with chairshots and is left standing as SmackDown! goes off!