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The World Wrasslin' Federation
World Wrasslin' Federation
World  Wrasslin' Fed
Past Shows
WWF Champion- Stone Cold

World Champion-Test

IC Champion- Edge

Tag Team Champions- Tazz
and Rhyno

European Champion- Christian

Hardcore Champion- Rob Van Dam

Lightweight Champion- Jeff Hardy

Quote of the Week:
"The winner of the Royal Rumble will be  me! William Regal. And they will rename it the Royal Regal!" William Regal on SmackDown!
Lugz Boot Of The Week:
Test is given the Breakdown on the World Title by Y2J.
Smack Of The Night:
Stone Cold is interviewed by Kevin Kelly and soon Kurt Angle beats down Austin and gives him the Ankle Lock.
WWF Live
RAW 5- Hollywood California

SmackDown! 5- Washington

RAW 6- Chicago Illionois

SmackDown! 6- Wash..DC

RAW 7- Charlotte NC

SmackDown! 7- Greenville NC

NO WAY OUT- Charleston NC

3/8/01- Lil Rick- Royal Rumble is up.RAW and SmackDown! are up! Very good ppv. I am going to inform you on the current No Way Out card. Austin VS Angle. Triple H VS The Rock. Hurricane VS Christian. Also, at Wrestlemania, we will have some really good storylines. Lookin' to the Future, peace.
3/3/01- Tarheel- I have added the RAW and SmackDown! 5 card. Also, we are almost down with the PPV results but The Royal Rumble is still needed to be written so it probabyl won't be up till tommorrow.
3/2/01- Zack Attack- I am getting ideas for the PPV and it will be up soon. Also, James, Rick and Carl (Tarheel) will debut soon. Also, anyone think we should soon put together the World Title and WWF Title? I think so too. Anyway, I am gonna finish Royal Rumble so peace.
3/2/01- Zack Attack- I am writing Royal Rumble with everyone. We have two matches done. Also, I need to fix up some other pages and put them up. Anyway, peace.
Updated Side Bar
3/2/01- Lil Rick- I have made a new layout for the Byte This! page and Champions. I also put up a new quote, Boot and Smack of the week. Also, I am writing Royal Rumble. It will be awesome.