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SmackDown! 3
6 Man Tag Team Match
Tazz, Rhyno and Rob Van Dam VS The Dudley Boyz and Kane
The Dudley Boyz give Tazz a 3-D and Rhyno gores Kane. Buh-Buh and Rhyno and knocked out of the ring and RVD gives D-von a Vandaminator and 5 Star Frog Splash for the win. After the match, the Dudleyz give Rhyno a 3-D.

Rikishi and Edge VS William Regal and Christian
William Regal gets the knuckles and hits Rikishi and pins him to win his second match in the WWF. Also, his second match using the knuckles. Edge then spears Regal later and Christian gives his brother a knuckle shot and Regal takes the IC Title and holds it up and throws it at Edge.

Byte This! Challenge
DDP VS Kevin Kelly
Winner is host of Byte This
Loser is Co-Host
(It was so short I wrote it out)
DDP faces Kevin Kelly and the fans chant DDP. DDP laughs and backs up at the shaking Kevin and grabs a microphone. He says he knows Kevin doesn't want to do this. He also knows Kevin is about to pee his pants. And possibly fart...Which would be a bad thing. So Kevin can do this 2 ways. 1) Lay down and let DDP get the 3 and become the host. or 2) take a beating and get pinned by DDP and he becomes the host. Either way, DDP will win. Kevin then punches DDP and DDP drops the microphone and smiles. Kevin runs at him and punches him again and then DDP kicks him and gives him the Diamond Cutter and smiles to the crowd and pins. 1....2....3! DDP is the host of Byte This! DDP then smiles again and leaves Kevin Kelly crying.

Non-Title Match
Y2J VS Test
This match at Royal Rumble will be for the World Title but this is a preview. Y2J goes for the Breakdown but Test pushes him down and Y2J gets the World Title and puts it on the floor. Test goes for a Big Boot but Y2J ducks and hits the Breakdown on the title and pins for the win. After the match, Y2J mocks Test.

Rock and Kurt Angle VS Stone Cold and Undertaker
Zack Cino hits Rock with a chair and knocks him out of the ring. Kurt knocks Zack out of the ring and gives Taker an Angle Slam and the Ankle Lock. Previously, Rock had rock bottomed Austin and Austin is able to get up and break it up. Austin then gives Angle a Stunner and pins for the win. Kurt attacks Austin after the match and leaves Austin at the top of the ramp down with his title. Angle yells as Austin leaves and Zack Cino narrowly escapes.