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WWF Tag Team Championship
Tazz and Rhyno VS The Dudley Boyz
Tazz gives Buh-Buh the Tazzmission and Rhyno goes for the GORE on D-von but D-von dodges and Rhyno falls to the outside. D-von then waits as Buh-Buh throws Tazz off and over his head. Tazz gets up and recieves the 3-D! and The Dudleyz win the titles!

WWF European Championship
Christian VS Rikishi
Rikishi goes for the Stink Face and hits it. Christian is down but as Rikishi backs away, Christian gives him a lowblow and escapes and Rikishi wins by Countout but Christian retains his European Title.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Edge VS Test
Edge goes for the Spear but Test dodges and nails the Big Boot. Test has a two and then Y2J breaks it up and gives Test a breakdown on the World Title!

Rock VS The Undertaker
The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Undertaker gets out of it and then goes for the chokeslam. Undertaker goes for the chokeslam but then Rock reverses to a Rock Bottom and wins.

Kurt Angle and Triple H VS Stone Cold Steve Austin and Zack Cino
Kurt gives Stone Cold three german suplexes and Zack Cino breaks up the pin. Austin gives Kurt and stunner and Zack pins but Kurt kicks! Triple H gives Austin the pedigree and soon Taker runs down and tries to give a preview of the Royal Rumble to Triple H. Triple H brawls with him and Kurt locks in the Ankle Lock on Stone Cold. AND HE TAPS!!! Kurt celebrates and Zack Cino gets the Angle Slam before Kurt leaves...