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WWF Royal Rumble Results 3
Jim Ross: "Well we are ow ready for our 30 man Royal Rumble. And believe me folks, this match is bigger than anything"

Jerry Lawler: "Bigger than you and bigger than your wife!"

Jim Ross: "No...More like bigger than anyother match you will see"

Jerry Lawler: "Besides a Lingerie match with all the divas of the federation!"

::: "A Place For My Head" begins to hit with the guitar playing and it shows many superstars with Michael Cole saying: "30 Superstars. 1 Match. 1 Winner. All for Wrestlemania and the WWF Title!". The drums begin to play and its shows Rock and Undertaker brawling from SmackDown! 3. It then shows Rock giving Undertaker the Rock Bottom. It then shows many other superstars fighting. "Certainly big names: Triple H, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Rob Van Dam" says Jim Ross and it shows Triple H giving Undertaker a pedigree. Then Triple H pedigreeing Rock. It then shows Rob Van Dam giving people the 5 Star Frog Splash and Kane beating up many people. It then begins to show many superstars being interviewed: "I am Dead Man and that is my yard!" says Undertaker. "Tonight, The Game will be played but the Game will win!" says Triple H. "The Rock says with the People, it should be called "THE PEOPLE'S RUMBLE. Rock will bring this up when he wins" says The Rock. "#30. Who better than me, RVD?" says Rob Van Dam as the screen fades to the match screen showing 27 superstars and 3 question marks and blacked out people :::

Jim Ross: "Certainly big. Huge matchup"

Jerry Lawler: "Let the match begin"

::: "Out of the Fire" hits as Kane comes out to the ring for a huge pop from the crowd and he has drawn #1! :::

Jim Ross: "Well... That may not be unlucky for Kane!"

Jerry Lawler: "He won the Royal Rumble Preview. I'd bet on him"

::: "Christian!Christian!" hits as Christian walks down looking a little scared still holding his assigned number from the little paper on his hand. He then gets in the ring :::

Jim Ross: "No wonder he looked so angry"

Jerry Lawler: "I hope Christian survives the first minute!"

Kane and Christian stare eachother as the bell rings. Christian immediately runs at Kane and Kane clotheslines him down. Christian gets up quickly and trips Kane and trys to push him over the ropes but Kane pushes him down but Christian rolls over. Christian then spears Kane and Kane's feet go off the canvas but come back down and Kane elbows Christian's neck. Christian stays down playing possum but Kane knows this and bodyslams him showing his amazing strength. The clock begins to count from 10. Kane throws Christian to the side and waits.

Jerry Lawler: "Who's it gonna be?"

::: "APA" hits and Bradshaw of the APA enters the match as #3! :::

Jim Ross: "Texas Tough Bradshaw"

Bradshaw slides in and Christian trips Kane over. Bradshaw runs at Christian and gives him a dropkick. Christian falls as Kane gets up and Bradshaw runs at Kane and Kane kicks him down. Christian slowly gets up and tries to escape that match but Kane grabs him and chokeslams him over the top rope, out of the ring!

::: The bell dings and Christian is eliminating. Christian yells and has a tantrum as he leaves and Bradshaw and Kane begin to brawl :::

Jerry Lawler: "Amazing Strength of Kane. Can I borrow you phone? Let me place a bet!"

Jim Ross: "We're only on #3!"

Bradshaw soon comes off the ropes and Kane goes for a clothesline but Bradshaw ducks and bounces off the other ropes and gives him a huge Clothesline From Heck as the 10 count buzzer begins. Bradshaw then tries to push Kane out of the ring but he has to go over the top rope and the next entree enters.

::: "You look so good to me" hits and Chuck Palumbo runs down and enters the ring to rebegin the timer :::

Kane walks to the turnbuckle and waits on it as Bradshaw and Chuck Palumbo brawl. Bradshaw then gives him a fallaway slam. Chuck gets up and Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline From Heck but Chuck tries to push him voer as the 10 count begins. Bradshaw is able to keep his balance and the next entree's music hits to a huge cheer!

::: "IF YA SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK...IS COOKIN'!" hits and The Rock walks down as the buzzer rebegins and the Rock enters the ring :::

Jim Ross: "Rock certainly not getting a lucky number"

Jerry Lawler: "My bets are 210 on Kane. 405 on Rock. 100 on Christian. 400 on Chuck Palumbo"

Jim Ross: "What about Bradshaw? And Christian is eliminated!"

Jerry Lawler: "Well I'm not perfect or on time. So I need 100 so far"

The Rock goes straight for Chuck as Kane is beating on Bradshaw. Bradshaw then is about to go over but elbows Kane and Kane falls to the side and Bradshaw stays in the ring. Rock gives Chuck a DDT and punches away on him. Rock then stomps on Chuck and lifts him up and delivers a Spinebuster. Bradshaw runs at Rock and Rock spears him and then gets up and Kane goes for Rock and hits him hard and Rock sldies out of the ring under the bottom rope and is still in the match. The buzzer then goes off as the next particpant enters the ring.

::: "Rollin" hits and Undertaker rides down and around the ring on his bike to his music as the match continues :::

Rock gets back in the ring and Chuck superkicks him down. Bradshaw elbows Chuck as Undertaker begins to place his bandana and sunglasses on his bike. Undertaker then looks at the ring and enters it slowly. Chuck goes for Taker but Taker looks at him like he is crazy and punches him repeatively and clotheslines him over the top rope. CHUCK PALUMBO IS OUT! Bradshaw looks at Kane and then Undertaker and runs to Rock and goes to hit him but Rock delivers a Rock Bottom to him and Undertaker throws Bradshaw out of the ring. The buzzer hits 00 and another participant comes out as Kane and Undertaker brawl

::: "Well,Where is The Big Show!" hits and The Big Show comes down and enters the ring :::

Jerry Lawler: "...I can't believe this. My money lies upon Rock and Kane. PLEASE!!"

Rock stands back as Big Show comes in the ring and Taker, Kane and Big Show get into an argument and the two begin to fight eachother. Undertaker then elbows Kane and Big Show. He then runs off the opposite ropes and gives them a double clothesline and Big Show falls out of the ring. BIG SHOW IS OUT! Only Kane, Taker and Rock and we are back at sqaure one. Taker soon hammers Kane one more time and throws him out of the ring as the buzzer hits 00.

::: "Bad Boy" hits and Rikishi dances down to the ring. Rock and Taker begin fighting  as they look to  Rikishi to get in the ring but Rikishi waits outside :::

Rock gives Taker a big DDT and punches him. Rikishi then finnally decides to get in and Rock knocks him off the apron and Rikishi still hasn't been able to get in the ring. Taker kicks Rock and Rock goes over the ropes but lands on the apron. Taker then tries to push Rock on the floor to eliminate him but then Rock ducks and hits him in the ribs and re-enters the ring. Rikishi sldies in the ring and headbutts Rock and knocks him down. Taker then punches Rikishi to the corner as the next entree comes.

::: "Hardcore" hits and Hardcore Holly runs down the ramp and enters the ring making his WWF debut as #9 in the Royal Rumble :::

Jim Ross: "I canceled my bets with that guy, JR. I promised him a date with you"

Jim Ross: "Hardcore Holly making his debut. You what?"

Hardcore punches the Rock to the corner and whips the Rock to the other side but Taker whips Rikishi too and Rock  and Rikishi hit eachother and fall. Taker then punches Hardcore down and picks up Rikishi. Taker then tries to lift Rikishi but Hardcore hits him from behind with a clothesline and Taker falls into the turnbuckle. Hardcore slides under the bottom ring and is still in the match and gets a steel chair. He sldies back in and goes to hit Taker with it but Taker punches right through it knocking Hardcore Holly down and busting open his forehead. All of these men want to be in the main event at Wrestlemania. Rock and Rikishi begin to fight but Taker puncehs them both into eachother as the next participant comes out.

::: "Shooter" hits and Chris Benoit walks down in his blue Rabid Wolverine pants. He was one of the unknown and has made his debut.  He walks down and enters the ring :::

Rock is still down as Benoit enters the ring and begins to chop down on the Undertaker. Hardcore Holly gets up and slides out the bottom rope and lays on the floor still in the match. Rikishi gets up and runs at the Undertaker and Undertaker clotheslines him and Benoit gives Taker a German Suplex. And another! And another! Benoit making his debut and bringing a hurtin' to the American BadA--. Benoit gets up and Rikishi superkicks him to the corner. Rikishi then raises the roof and turns his backside to Benoit's face and lifts up his tights and gives Benoit the Stink Face as the next entree' enters.

Jim Ross: "OH!"

Jerry Lawler: "Royal Stink Face to Benoit. A perfect debut huH?"

::: "R U READY?" hits and X-pac walks down as #11 making his debut. He enters the ring and throws off his bandana and begins fighting :::

X-pac clotheslines Rikishi down but Rikishi superkicks him into the corner and delivers another Stink Face! Rikishi laughs and then superkicks Undertaker to the corner. Rikishi goes for another Stink Face but Undertaker moves and goes for the chokeslam but throws Rikishi over the top rope and eliminates Rikishi. Taker then picks up the Rock and gives him a bodyslam. Xpac runsa t him and Undertaker delivers the Snake Eyes to him and the next entree runs down.

::: "HOOOOOOOOOOO TRAIN!" hits and the Godfather dances down making his debut with his lovely escorts. He then enters the ring:::

Godfather runs at Undertaker and Undertaker then chokeslams him out of the ring eliminating him almost immediately. Hardcore Holly gets back in the ring and Rock and Taker begin fighting again. Hardcore Holly goes for Xpac and Benoit stops him and deviers a Belly To Belly suplex. Benoit kicks Xpac down and stomps on him still rubbing his face from that Stink Face. Taker slugs the Rock down in the corner and kicks the guts out of him and finnally the buzzer goes off for the lucky #13

::: "Nightmare" hits and the crowd goes crazy for the debuting of TOMMY DREAMER! Another of the unknown has been revealed and Tommy Dreamer enters the ring in his black and white lined pants and Extreme shirt :::

Taker stares at Tommy Dreamer. Tommy soon runs at Xpac and Benoit and gives them both a Double DDT. Benoit gets straight up and Tommy Dreamer kicks him over the rope eliminating him. Hardcore Holly runs at Tommy and he sends him up and throws him out of the ring eliminating him. Xpac then gives Tommy a lowblow. Rock turns Taker and delivers a Rock Bottom and both of them are down. Tommy soon delivers the Dreamer Driver to Xpac and throws him out of the ring eliminating him. Taker gets up as the buzzer goes off.