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SmackDown! 5

Non-Title Match
Edge VS Rob Van Dam
Edge delivers a Edgeacution and William Regal comes down the ramp and Edge spears him down and locks in the Figure Four Edge Lock for a few seconds. Edge then gets back in and recieves a Top Rope Sidekick and a 5 Star Frog Splash. RVD gets the win. Suddenly, Rhyno gores RVD on the ramp and wins the Hardcore Title via 24/7 rule.

#1 Contendership of WWF Tag Team Championship
A.P.A VS Chuck and Billy
Bradshaw delivers the Clothesline from Heck to Chuck. Faarooq then gets a sidewalk slam from Billy. Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline on Billy but Billy ducks and Chuck superkicks Bradshaw and Billy gives him the Famouser for the win.

::: Backstage, Rhyno is walking down the hall and RVD hits him in the head with a lead pipe and delivers a moonsault from the floor and pins to win back the Hardcore Title via 24/7 rule :::

#1 Contendership of WWF European Championship
Godfather VS Hurricane
Godfather goes for the Train but Hurricane dodges and hits the Eye of the Hurricane for the win. Christian comes down and gives Hurricane the unprettier but Hurricane escapes an delivers the Eye of the Hurricane and a Holy-Hurri-Splash.

Kurt Angle and Zack Cino VS Triple H
Triple H gives Zack a pedigree and Kurt Angle goes for the Angle Slam but gets a Pedigree and Triple H wins. Rock then appears on the ramp staring down Triple H.

Undertaker VS Chris Jericho
Undertaker goes for a Chokeslam but Tommy Dreamer runs down and distracts the Deadman. Y2J then delivers the Breakdown for the win. Test then comes down and gives Y2J the Big Boot and Roll The Dice.

WWF Championship
The Rock VS Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock dominates Stone Cold until the end. Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but gets a Stone Cold Stunner and Austin wins. Later, Kurt Angle comes down and gives Austin an Angle Slam and locks in the Ankle Lock as Zack announces they will face at No Way Out!!!