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Roster  2
Main Eventers:
These people are great in the ring and are very hard to win against. They can go for any title. They are the only ones who can go for the WWF Title and World Title unless the champ let's lowercards fight them.
The following are Main Eventers:
Stone Cold: Stone Cold Stunner
Kurt Angle: Angle Slam;Ankle Lock
Triple H: Pedigree
Undertaker: Last Ride
Rock: Rock Bottom;People's Elbow
Chris Jericho: Breakdown; Walls of Jericho

Upper Carders:
These can go for any title lower than the World Title. These guys are only a few steps away from Main Eventers but need to work their skills.
The following are upper carders:
Test: Pump Handle Slam; Big Boot
Kane: Chokeslam
Mick Foley: Mandible Claw
Tommy Dreamer: Dreamer Driver
Booker T:Spinneroonie;Scissor Kick

Middle Carders:
 These can go after IC Gold or lower. These are strong but make mistakes. They are very good at what they do.
The following are Middle Carders:
Edge: Edgeacution
William Regal: Regal Stretch
Rikishi: Stink Face
Rob Van Dam: 5 Star Frog Splash
Rhyno: The Gore
Big Show: Show Stopper
Jeff Hardy: Swaton Bomb
Christian: Unprettier
Jerry Lynn: Lynnerizer
Tajiri: Superkick; Tarantula
Lower Carders:
These can go for European Gold or lower.
The following are Lower Carders:
Bradshaw: Clothesline From Heck
Billy Gunn: Famouser
Tazz: Tazzmission; Tazzplex
Chuck Palumbo: Superkick
Matt Hardy: Twist of Fate
Hurricane: Eye of the Hurricane
Albert: Baldobomb
Godfather: The Train
New Wrestlers:
These wrestlers are only allowed to go for Hardcore Gold or Light-Heavyweight gold. They are new and still learning or they are used to tag team wrestling.
Crash Holly: Tornado DDT
Hardcore Holly: Alabama Slam
Scotty 2 Hotty: The Worm
Spike Dudley: Dudley Dog
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley: 3-D!; Bubba Bomb
D-von Dudley: 3-D
Faarooq: Spinebuster
Tag Teams:
These can go for tag team gold and can also be single competitors.
The following are Tag Teams:
Hardy Boyz: Matt/Jeff
APA: Bradshaw/Faarooq
Chuck and Billy
Tazz and Rhyno
Dudley Boyz: Bubba and D-von
Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert
Hollys: Crash and Hardcore