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SmackDown 2

Kane and Undertaker VS Test and Rob Van Dam
Test Big Boots Undertaker for the pin. Test then Big Boots Kane and Undertaker gives Test and RVD a double chokeslam!

The Hardy Boyz VS Jerry Lynn and Christian
Jeff hits Christian with a Swaton Bomb for the win. After the match, Jerry gives Jeff a Swaton Bomb

Rock VS Rikishi
Rock wins with a Rock Bottom. Austin comes out after the match and gives Rock a Stunner.

Stone Cold VS Triple H and Chris Jericho
Austin and Jericho are in the cage when Game's music hits and he is shown on the titan tron. He say's Stephanie has made it Austin VS Jericho and wishes Jericho good luck with a laugh. Stone Cold and Jericho brawl out and Rock soon comes out and Rock Bottoms both of them and Triple H makes his way to the ring and gives Y2J a Pedigree and Austin slides out of the Cage door to win. Rock then Rock Bottoms Austin and then calls for a beer as the cage rises and Y2J and Triple H brawl backstage. Rock then drinks a beer and pours it on Austin and then gives him a Stunner!!!