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::: "Raw" plays and pyros and fireworks go off as a match begins to start Raw off :::

::: "Medal" hits and Kurt Angle and The Dudley Boyz w/Stacy Kiebler come out :::

::: "13" hits and Tazz and Rhyno run down and begin assaulting the Dudleyz :::

::: "NEVER GONNA STOP" hits and a huge pop for Edge as he runs down and the match begins :::

The Dudley Boyz and Kurt Angle VS Tazz, Rhyno and Edge
The Dudley Boyz give Rhyno a 3-D and Angle delivers the Angle Slam to Edge and outside gives him an Edge-a-cution. Tazz then locks in the Tazzmission to Buh-Buh Ray but Angle breaks it up and makes Tazz tap to the Ankle Lock. After the match, Tazz, Rhyno and a bloddy Edge get a 3-D on three chairs.

::: Backstage, RVD is shown getting ready when Taker jumps him from behind and chokeslams him on a trashcan:::

::: Rock is shown preparing to go to the ring :::

Test VS Undertaker
Undertaker wins when Kane comes out and chokeslams Test.

:::Rock comes out to a huge pop from the crowd and begins talking about his match with Stone Cold. How he will win. How Stone Cold needs a chair to win his matches. Then Zack Cino comes out and says he and Austin will team together to face Y2J and H}{H. After that Austin gives Rock a chairshot and then a Stone Cold Stunner :::

Kane VS Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam wins by 5 Star Frog Splash to Kane with a chair on him. Undertaker comes out after match and gives RVD a Last Ride on the chair! Test then Big Boots Kane. Taker then challenges RVD to a match at Vengeance for the Hardcore Title.

Stone Cold and Rock VS Triple H and Jericho
Stone Cold pins Triple H after Jericho gives Triple H the breakdown. After the match the Rock gives Austin a Rock Bottom and Triple H jumps Austin and so does Chris Jericho until Triple H gives Y2J a Pedigree!