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::: "Raw" hits as the first RAW of the WWF starts. Camera shows the fans in the jam packed Miami Arena and the fans watching in WWF New York. The camera shows the red pyros going up as the music continues playing and then shows the announcing desk where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are sitting :::

Jim Ross: "Welcome to WWF Raw. I'm excited as is my co-announcer tonight"

Jerry Lawler: "You're right. I'm Jerry  The King Lawler with Jim Ross and tonight we have a huge event"

Jim Ross: "That's right. The first spot at Vengeance for the WWF Title match will be decided in a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match"

Jerry Lawler: "We also have a few matches to decide the Tag Team #1 and #2 Contenders"

::: "A Place For My Head" by Linkin Park hits as the huge sign for Vengeance is shown which is January 27,2002 :::

Jerry Lawler: "I like that music"

Jim Ross: "Vengeance will be huge and is on sale now"

::: "My Way" by Limp Bizkit hits and the WWF Owner Zack Cino walks down to the ring and enters dancing around. Zack then grabs a microphone as the camera shows him up close :::

Jerry Lawler: "Our boss!"

Zack Cino: "WWF! Everyone welcome to the WWF! I was excited stepping through this ring but it was all worth it. My federation has been opened. I have opened the greatest federation of all time! But with every federation. Their is great owner. That's right. I'm great. Greater than any other owner and greater than all of YOU!"

Jim Ross: "Kinda full of himself at such a young age huh?"

Jerry Lawler: "You think 20 is young? Anyway. He is greater than all of you"

Zack Cino: "But as the Owner of the WWF I am here to make an annou--"

::: "Here Come the Money" hits as the crowd cheers and Shane McMahon walks down to the ramp dancing :::

Shane McMahon: "Hello Zack. We meet again. Last time I saw you was in Elementary. Still a smarty Zack? I can see but while I'm here I came to announce something just as you were before I interupted. I came to announce---"

Zack Cino: "What are you doing here Shane? SECURITY!"

Shane McMahon: "Don't bother. THEY WORK FOR ME NOW! THAT'S RIGHT. I AM THE C.E.O OF THE WWF!!!"

Jim Ross: "YES! YES! YES!"

Jerry Lawler: "NO! NO! NO!"

Shane McMahon: "But that's not it. The NEW WWF COMMISIONER is--"

Zack Cino: "Yeah. Right. There is no commisioner. He answers to me!"

Shane McMahon: "He? Anyway, the commisioner will come out later. Meet me in the ring after the main event for a surprise."

::: "Here Come the Money" hits as a happy Shane leaves and a furious Zack leaves :::

Jerry Lawler: "That darn Shane McMahon"

Jim Ross: "At least he shut Zack up"

::: "Respect" hits as Rob Van Dam walks down the ramp in his purple Japan symbol outfit. RVD then jumps in the ring and does the RVD tumb pose :::


Jim Ross: "He is a great athlete"

Jerry Lawler: "Can't disagree with that"

::: "CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN!" hits and gold pyros go down on both sides and up in the middle and stop and Christian walks down to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. RVD stares down Christian as he enters :::


RVD and Christian tie up and exchanges various holds that are countered. Christian gets a waist lock on RVD but RVD flips over his head and has the waist lock on him but Christian elbows to get out of it. Christian then hammers RVD into the corner and runs at him but RVD kicks him and hits a Spinning Heel Kick. RVD pulls Christian up and goes for the Superkick but Christian ducks and grabs him from behind and twists his head back and hits a Backbreaker. RVD is down and Christian picks him up and hits a reverse Backbreaker named the Ribreaker. Christian pins. 1.....2...RVD kicks and Christian slams the mat and gets up. Christian picks RVD up and then hits the Neckbreaker. RVD is in pain and Christian chokes him and the ref breaks it up. Christian then picks up RVD and goes for the Unprettier but RVD whips him off and hits a Superkick. RVD then runs off the ropes and hits the Rolling Thunder and pins. 1....2...KICK! RVD gets up slowly and is clutching his gut. Christian gets up and RVD runs at him but Christian moves and the ref is knocked down! Christian then hits the Unprettier on RVD. Christian then looks down at RVD and slides out of the ring and picks up 2 chairs. Christian then slides in and sets RVD's head on one and prepares to smash his head with the One-Man- Conchairto but RVD rolls up when he hits and Christian lifts the chair up and RVD gives him a VanDaminator. RVD gets up slowly and then climbs the top rope and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash and pins. The ref counts slowly. 1.......2......3!!! RVD wins. Christian then gets up and gives RVD the Unprettier on the chair!

Jim Ross: "RVD wins his first match in the WWF"

Jerry Lawler: "But Christian left with a BANG!"

::: The titan tron shows Zack Cino in his office on the phone. The camera then shows Test walking in :::

Zack Cino: "Hang on I'll call you back"

::: Zack hangs up his phone and gets up :::

Zack Cino: "Hey TEST!(shakes hand)

Test: "Yeah Mr. Cino I came in here to tell you you are the greatest owner I have had yet. I hope you really show Shane McMahon"

Zack Cino: "Yeah... well.. do you know who the commisioner is yet?"

Test: "No idea but..."

::: Christian walks in the office furiously :::


Zack Cino: "I know Christian. I saw it. But just to inform you. You brought the chairs in the first place!"

Christian : "BUT!?!??! OIYE!"

::: Christian leaves and so does Test :::

Zack Cino: "Idiots..."

::: The camera goes back to the ring area :::

Jerry Lawler: "Zack called them idiots"

Jim Ross: "HA HA"

::: "Never Gonna Stop" hits and blue fog covers the ramp entrance and Edge walks down the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd. Edge is wearing his green Edge pants and his Edge black drench coat. Edge slides in and takes off the jacket and graba a microphone :::


Edge: "It sounds like Miami is packed with a bunch of Edgeheads tonight. But before I have my match with Test I have a few comments. Test, how did you come up with your name? It's quite unique you know. Could it be you failed your S.A.T. in high school and it haunts you? Or could be it be that you have absolutely no testacles? Oh that's why your move is the Hump Handle Slam!"

::: "This Is A Test" hits and Test runs down furiously and sldies in before Fink can announce for him and he begins this match :::

Edge VS Test
Test hammers Edge down and stomps down on him repeatively. Test then lifts up Edge and clotheslines him down. Test then cusses out a crowd member and Edge kicks Test down and stomps on him. Test then regains control and nails a Full Nelson Slam. Test controls the match for about 3 minutes. Edge is then down in the corner when Test tries to run at him and Edge hits the Spear. 1....2...Test kicks and Edge gets up slowly wiping his sweat and Test gets up. Edge goes for the Edgeacution but Test pulls him off and hits the Pump Handle Slam. 1....2....Edge kicks. Test then stalks Edge. Edge gets up and Test goes for a Big Boot but Edge goes behind Test and hits the Edge-a-matic! 1....2...Test kicks out. Edge gets up and so does Test. Test then kicks but Edge catches it and hits the Edgeacution! 1.....2.....3!!! Edge wins. Edge rolls out of the ring and the crowd cheers as he leaves. Test is furious as he leaves.

Jim Ross: "Edge scores a win over Test"

Jerry Lawler: "Edge has got a big mouth but he can back it up. You hear all those remarks. HA HA"

::: "Glass Breaks" as Stone Cold walks down in his What? shirt. Austin then slides in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and holds up his fists :::

::: Austin goes to the diagonal turnbuckle and repeats and Finkel hands him a microphone and Austin prepares to speak but the crowd cheers What? :::

Jim Ross: "This should be good"

Jerry Lawler: "This crowd is so rude"

Stone Cold: "WHAT? Stone Cold Steve Austin walked down this ramp to say hello. WHAT? I came here to say hi. WHAT? I came out here because I have a match to talk about. Tonight, I face the Undertaker. The Dead Man. WHAT? How the heck could he be dead if he's gonna fight me? WHAT? So tonight, I'm making an example of him. WHAT? Yep, I'm making an example of The Undertaker cause on Smackdown I will become the #2 Contender in that Fatal Fourway match. WHAT? I say I will face in the main event at Vengeance. AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE CAUSE STONE COLD---"

::: The lights go out and the Undertaker's voice says: "DEAD MAN WALKING" and Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'!" hits and the Undertaker rides down on his bike and enters the ring :::

Undertaker: "You talk alot of trash"

Stone Cold: "WHAT?"

Undertaker: "Don't "What?" me son!"

Stone Cold: "WHAT?"

Undertaker: "If you say What? one more time---"

Stone Cold: "WHAT?"

Undertaker: "Tonight in the ring, you are mine!!!"

::: Stone Cold then delivers a Stone Cold Stunner on the Undertaker and gives him the bird and leaves and later so does Taker:::

Jim Ross: "Tonight Austin fights Taker"

Jerry Lawler: "What?"

Jim Ross: "Exactly"

::: " BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!" hits and Jericho makes his pose and enters the ring :::


::: "Medal" hits and Kurt Angle walks down and stops at the begginning of the ramp and puts his arms up and RED, WHITE, and BLUE and Kurt Angle enters the ring :::

::: "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME" hits and Triple H is shown and he spits a mist of water out and enters the ring :::

::: "IF YA SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK...IS COOKIN'!" hits and the Rock walks down and climbs the turnbuckle and holds up his fist and then enters the ring for the match to begin :::

Chris Jericho VS Kurt Angle VS Triple H VS The Rock
Rock runs at Jericho only to be speared by Angle and Angle hammers him into the corner. Triple H delivers Chris Jericho a Facebuster and clotheslines him as he tries to get up. Kurt Angle then whips Rock but Rock reverses into a clothesline and Rock stalks Angle only to be knocked down by Triple H. Chris Jericho then clotheslines Triple H out of the ring and Kurt and Chris stomp on the Rock as he tries to get up.Rock finnaly gets up and Angle throws him out the ring and Jericho gives Angle a bulldog! Jericho then goes for the Lionsault but Angle moves and Jericho lands on his feet. Triple H gets on  the apron and Angle punches him off and Jericho dropkicks Angle over. Jericho then slides out and Rock meets him with punches and then Rock pushes his hand back and nods and punches him down.Rock then slides in the ring and Angle and Triple H get in. Kurt Angle whips Triple H and delivers a Belly-To-Belly Suplex to him. Jericho gets in and Rock gives him a Samoan Drop and pins. 1......2..Jericho kicks and Rock gets up as Angle gives Triple H a German Suplex. Kurt then continues holding on and delivers another and a third and pins. 1........2....Triple H kicks and Rock gives Kurt Angle the Spinebuster and locks on the Sharpshooter! Jericho then gives Triple H the Walls Of Jericho! Kurt and Triple H yells in pain.
Kurt then gets the ropes and Triple H is still in the submission. Rock lets go and stomps down Angle. Triple H then pushes forward and rolls up Jericho. 1.....2.....Jericho kicks and Triple H is thrown forward. Rock then stalks Kurt and Kurt gets up and recieves a Spinebuster and Rock pins. 1.......2.....Kurt kicks and Rock gets up and Triple H clotheslines him down. Triple H then is bulldogged by Jericho and then Jericho gives Kurt Angle the Breakdown and pins. 1......2......3! Kurt Angle is eliminated! Kurt rolls out of the ring and leaves. Rock then stalks Jericho but Triple H gives Rock a neckbreaker! Rock rolls out of the ring and Jericho punches Triple H and whips him at the ropes and when Triple H comes at him Jericho knees his gut. Jericho then gives Triple H a bulldog and goes for the Lionsault but Rock pushes his feet and Jericho falls back. Rock slides in and stalks Jericho and delivers the Rock Bottom! 1.....2....3! Jericho is eliminated. Jericho gets up as Triple H and Rock exchange punches and gives Rock the Breakdown! Triple H pins. 1.......2.....Rock kicks. Jericho leaves and Triple H stomps down on the Rock. Rock gets up and Triple H runs at the ropes and Rock gives him a Spinebuster and spits down and walks over the Triple H's upperbody and looks at the Miami crowd. Rock kicks Triple H's arm over Triple H and rips off the sweaty elbow pad. Rock then runs off both ropes and delivers the People's Elbow! Rock pins. 1.....2.....3! Rock wins! Rock gets up in victory and climbs the turnbuckle and holds up his fist for the cheering Miami crowd.

Jim Ross: "Rock is in the main event at Vengeance!"

Jerry Lawler: "And on Smackdown we will find out who he faces!"

Jim Ross: "But now it's time for the Texas Rattlesnake!"

Jerry Lawler: " And THE PHENOM!"

::: The camera shows Shane McMahon on the phone laughing as he hangs up and Michael Cole walks in with a microphone :::

Michael Cole: "Shane McMahon, what is your surprise for Zack Cino?"

Shane McMahon: "My surprise is very big. Inface, it's so big(pauses) I can't tell you!"

::: Camera's switch to ring as Limp Bizkits "KEEP ROLLIN'!" hits and The Undertaker rides down to the ring in his bike and parks on the ramp. Undertaker gets in the ring and holds up both fists as if he had won. He takes off his glasses, bandana and Dead Man Worldwide Shirt. Undertaker then waits :::

::: "Glass Breaks" as Stone Cold Steve Austin runs down with his SCSA vest on ad he takes it off and slides in and the match begins:::

Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Undertaker
Stone Cold is met with punches from Taker. Taker then elbows Austin in the face and Austin is in the corner. Taker then stomps Austin's gut in and lifts up him up and they go at it for 5 minutes. Undertaker then grabs Austin's arm and holds him up in the air by it and slams Austin down and Austin looks in serious pain. Undertaker then climbs and walks the ropes and hits the OLDSCHOOL!!! 1....2....Austin kicks and Taker locks in a chokehold! Austin then gets to his feet 20 seconds later and hits a Jawbreaker but the hold is still applied. Austin then kicks the Undertaker off and gets up. So does Undertaker. Taker grabs Austin by the throat but Austin kicks him downstairs and goes for a Stunner but Taker pushes him off out side of the ring. Taker gets out and Austin meets him with a series of right hands and then clotheslines him into the crowd. The fans cheer as secruity holds the back and Austin stomps on Taker. Austin gets over the baracade and slides in and out of the ring to break the refs count which was at 19. Taker then grabs Austin outside to his suprise and delivers a DDT on the steps and Austin's forehead is busted open. Taker rolls Austin in the ring and hits a chokeslam! 1....2....Austin kicks! Taker then stalks and sets him up for the Last Ride and hits it and Austin is down in the middle of the ring. Taker yells at the cheeringh crowd to shut up and pins. 1....2....!!!KICK!!! Austin found enough strength to kick out of his last ride! Taker then goes again but Austin gives him a lowblow and  STONE COLD STUNNER!!! 1......2.......3!!! Austin wins. Austin holds up the middle fingers and he calls for two beers. He pops them open and drinks them both. Rikishi then comes out and gives Austin a Superkick. Taker then chokeslams Rikishi. RVD then comes from the crowd and gives Taker a Van-daminator and 5 star frog splash! RVD gives the thumb taunt as he leaves

Jim Ross: "The moment is at hand"

Jerry Lawler: "Shane McMahon's big announcement!"

::: "HERE COME THE MONEY" hits and Shane McMahon dances down to the ring and enters it and Finkel hands him a microphone :::

::: "My Way" by Limp Bizkit hits the PA to huge heat from the crowd. Zack enters the ring and faces Shane McMahon :::

Shane McMahon: "I made everyone wait long enough. I've drove you nuts Zack. Now it's time."

::: Zack grabs the microphone and has a smirk :::

Zack Cino: "YOU HAVE NO ANNOUCEMENT SHANE! I mean, you have nothing to surprise me with!"

::: "Bodies" hits and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley is shown on the ramp with a huge smirk :::


::: The McMahons laugh together as Zack looks in shock and RAW goes off the air!:::