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WWF Vengeance Results 3

::: The lights dim and 13 is shown on the titan tron and smokes come out and soon music hits and Rhyno and Tazz walk through the smoke and enter the ring. Tazz is wearing his black and orange suit and Rhyno is wearing his Rhyno, wrestling outfit. Tazz takes off his orange glasses and throws them into the crowd and waits :::

::: "BOOM!!! WELCOME TO DUDLEYVILLE" hits and D-von, Bubba Ray and Stacy Kiebler walk down the ramp. Buh- Buh and D-von enter and holds up their arms on the turnbuckles and Stacy goes threw the middle rope flashing her thong to the crowd for a few whistles. Then Tazz and Rhyno run at Buh-Buh and D-von and Stacy gets out :::

WWF Tag Team Championship
Tazz and Rhyno VS The Dudley Boyz
Tazz starts off with Buh-Buh and Tazz punches Buh-Buh to the ropes. Buh-Buh whips Tazz then and hits a elbow to his face. Tazz gets up fast and Buh-Buh hammers him back down. Tazz then gets up and clotheslines Buh-Buh and stomps on him. Buh-Buh slowly gets up and Tazz kicks him and hits a Backdrop to him. Tazz then holds Buh-Buh in a powerbomb like set-up and tags Rhyno. Rhyno kicks Buh-Buh's gut and Tazz goes to the corner. Rhyno then whips Buh-Buh and goes for a gore but Bu-hBuh spins away and tags D-von. Rhyno goes to hit D-von but he ducks and runs off the ropes and recieves a Flapjack from Buh-Buh and D-von. Rhyno is down and D-von pins. 1...2...Rhyno kicks. D-von talks trash and lifts Rhyno up and hits a Vertical Suplex. D-von goes for another but Rhyno reverses into an airplane spin and then drops D-von. Buh-Buh runs at Rhyno only to recieve a Spinebuster. D-von gets up and looks dizzy. Rhyno then goes for the gore but D-von moves unpurposely and Rhyno hits the turnbuckle. Buh-Buh gets up and D-von lifts up Rhyno up for the 3-D but Tazz pushes Buh-Buh away and Rhyno falls on the floor. D-von goes to Tazz and Tazz delivers the Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Buh-Buh gets up and recieves a Tazzplex. 1....2....Buh-Buh kicks. Rhyno gets up and prepares to gore Buh-Buh but Stacy gets on the apron and begins to smile. Rhyno looks and Stacy shakes it. Rhyno is distracted when Buh-Buh clotheslines Rhyno out. Tazz then recieves the 3-D!!! 1......2.....Rhyno breaks it up. Rhyno got right before the hand hit the floor. Rhyno then gets up and Buh-Buh goes for a clothesline and then Rhyno hits the GORE! D-von turns and gets the Tazzmission. Rhyno pins. 1......2.....3!!! Rhyno gets up and him and Tazz get out of the ring and hold up their newly won Tag Team Titles.

Jim Ross: "Tazz and Rhyno have beaten the arguable greatest tag team in WWF history"

Jerry Lawler: "Oh STACY! She was amazing. So athletic"

Jim Ross: "She wasn't even in the match!!!"

::: The titan tron shows Trish Stratus with WWF fans in WWF New York. She is wearing a blue tank top and silver pants :::

Jerry Lawler: "PUPPIES!"

Jim Ross: "Well, folks. Now it's time for Edge VS Kurt Angle.

::: The last few weeks is shown on the titan tron with Edge challenging Kurt and costing him his match with Y2J. It then sohws Kurt giving Edge an Angle Slam, an Ankle Lock and his own Edgeacution on a chair. It then shows what happened on RAW, when Kurt gave Edge another Edgeacution. It lastly, shows on SmackDown when Edge speared Kurt in the backstage and gave him his own Ankle Lock :::

::: "NEVER GONNA STOP" hits and Edge walks through blue steam and walks down in his green Edge pants and drench coat. He enters the ring and takes off the coat and waits :::

::: "Medal" hits and Kurt Angle walks down wearing a Gold plated, Red, White and Blue wrestling outfit. He stops at the ramp and hols up his arms and fireworks go up and he walks down and takes off his medals and enters the ring :::

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Edge VS Kurt Angle
Edge and Angle lock up. Edge goes for a headlock but Angle reverses into a waistlock. Edge flips back and gets a waistlock of his own. Edge then goes for a German Suplex and hits it. Edge then lifts up Angle and Angle punches him beginning a brawl. Angle then hammers Edge to the ropes and whips him. Edge bounces back and Angle hits the Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Angle pins but only for a two-count. Edge gets up and Angle locks in a chinlock. Edge slowly gets to his feet and Angle rolls him up for a two-count. Angle punches the ground and pins two more times to only get 1 counts. Angle gets up and Edge slowly arises and Angle goes for a Belly-To-Belly Suplex again but Edge reverses and hits on of his own! Edge pins only for a 1 and Edge waits in the corner. Edge goes for a spear but Angle dodges and Edge hits the corner. Angle then hits 3 German Suplexes. Angle then pins. 1.....2.....Edge kicks. Angle gets up and hits Edge with a Vertical Suplex for another 2 count. Edge will not stay down for the 3. Angle then goes for an AngleSlam but Edge reverses and hits the Edge-a-matic! 1.....2.....Angle kicks Edge in the face with his other foot. Edge falls back and Angle holds both legs and flips for a pin. 1....2....Edge kicks. Angle then goes for the Edgeacution on Edge but Edge pushes him off and hits the Downward Spiral and Angle falls out of the ring. Edge gets out and slams Angle's head into the steps. Edge then tries to whip Angle into the steel pole but Angle reverses the whip and Edge is hit in the forehead by the pole. Angle slowly gets up and rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. Angle then tosses Edge in the ring and locks in the Ankle Lock. Edge yells in pain and begins to bleed from his forehead. Edge goes for the ropes but Angle pulls him back. Edge then looks like he is about to tap and then Edge reverses and rolls up Angle but lets go and Angle gets up and Edge spears him down. 1.....2.....Angle gets the shoulder up and Edge rolls off of Angle. Angle and Edge gets up and exchange punches and then Angle goes for an Angle Slam but Edge jumps off and then goes for the Edgeacution but Angle reverses and hits Edge with an Edgeacution of his own! Edge's bleeding forehead is driven into the mat. Angle then grabs a chair from the outside and tosses it in the ring. The ref then yells at Angle not to do this and Edge goes to spear Angle but Angle moves and Edge hits the ref. Angle then hits the Angle Slam. Angle then grabs the chair and smiles. Angle then hits Edge with the chair repeatively in the back. Angle pins. NO REF! Angle then curses outloud and wakes the ref up. Angle turns and Edge is still down. Angle pins. ONE......... TWO......THRE ...KICK!!!! Right when the hand is a millimeter from the mat, Edge kicks! Angle looks angry and lifts up Edge and goes for another Angle Slam but Edge reverses into an Edgeacution! 1......2......3!!! Edge did it. Edge rolls out and the EMTs tend to him and the ref hands him the Intercontinental Championship. Edge holds it up as EMTs help him to the backstage area.

Jim Ross: "Those two love the Intercontinental Title to do so much for it. But tonight, Edge came on top with his Edgeacution out of no where"

Jerry Lawler: "Kurt doesn't like that!"

::: The video between Triple H and Chris Jericho is shown begginning with Jericho beating Kurt Angle. Then it shows Y2J leaving. It then shows Triple H beating the Rock and Y2J storming to the ring and delivering a Bulldog and Lionsault until Stone Cold hits him with chair. It then shows the two, teaming up agaisnt Rock and Austin and Y2J giving Triple H the breakdown and the Rock pins him for the win. Then it shows Triple H and Y2J fighting in various different matches. It lastly shows what happened on SmackDown! when Triple H announced Stephanie made the match only Y2J VS Austin and then shows the beating Y2J got. Then it shows a black and white footage when Triple H comes to the ring and beats up Y2J and delivers the Pedigree. It then has Y2J say: "I am the Living Legend and THE OPNE AND ONLY WORLD CHAMPION, Y2J, CHRIS JERICHO!" It then shows Triple H: "One match between me and Jericho. World Title on the line. He is going to wish he never beat Kurt Angle" It then ends and shows the two on the titan tron in poses and it says: "Chris Jericho VS Triple H. World Championship":::

::: " BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!" hits and Chris Jericho does his pose and walks down the ramp to huge heat from the crowd. Chris Jericho enters the ring and raises his arms to tell the fans to cheer :::

::: "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!" hits and The Game, Triple H is shown on the stage with his head down. He pours some water in his mouth and on his head and hit spits it and begins walking down. Triple H then goes to the side of the ring and holds his head down and throws the bottle. He then pushes his head up and spits a mist of water up and enters the ring and goes to two turnbuckles and does his muscle pose. Y2J gets back in the ring and the match begins :::

World Championship
Chris Jericho VS Triple H
Jericho runs directly at Triple H and begins pounding on him. Triple H is punched down and gets up and begins to fight back. Triple H whips Jericho and then hits a Jumping Knee Hit. Jericho falls back but quickly gets up and Triple H and Y2J tie up. Jericho gets a headlock and Triple H does his best to throw him off. Jericho has the hold on very tighly and then lets go and backdrops Triple H for a fast two count. Stephanie McMahon Helmsley is then walking down the ramp as Y2J kicks and stomps in Triple H's gut in the corner. Y2J then climbs to the top rope and hits a Dropkick for another two count. Y2J then lifts up Triple H and begins to chop Triple H at the ropes. Jericho then runs off the other ropes to clothesline Triple H over but Triple H ducks and pushes Y2J over out of the ring onto the baracade. Triple H swipes his hair back and wipes the sweat off of his face and goes to the outside area. Triple H elbows Y2J and then punches him and Y2J goes over and falls onto the concrete. Triple H goes over the baracade and throws Y2J back over.  Triple H throws Y2J back in the ring and then Stephanie walk over to him. Triple H begins talking with her and then Y2J hits them both with a Spinning Over-The-Ropes- HeelKick. Stephanie crawls to the announce table and Y2J throws Triple H in the ring and pins. 1.....2....Triple H kicks. Y2J punches the turnbuckle and then unties the pad to reveal the metal turnbuckle bolt. Triple H is up and Y2J goes for a clothesline but Triple H ducks and hits a Neckbreaker. They both get up and Y2J kicks Triple H in the gut and hits the Bulldog. Y2J goes for a Lionsault but lands on his feet and Triple H clotheslines him down and waits at the ropes. Y2J gets up and Triple H kicks him and goes for the Pedigree but Y2J reverses to the Walls Of Jericho!!! Triple H yells in pain and slowly pushes himself up with his arms and soon crawls but then Y2J walks back to the middle of ring!! Triple H yells in pain and then flips Y2J and rolls him up for a 2 count. Triple H gets up but falls and clutches his knees. Y2J gets up and holds the ropes. Y2J then goes to hit Triple H and goes for the Breakdown but Triple H reverses and backs up to the metal bolt that Y2J revealed on the turnbuckle. Triple H then slams his head into it and hits the Pedigree!!! 1.......2.......3!!! Triple H did it! Triple H is the first and new World Champion. Triple H and Stephanie walk up the ramp to the backstage area leaving Y2J knocked out.

Jim Ross: "I think Y2J has just been shut up!"

Jerry Lawler: "Well there is no way two main events can be messed up so now it is time for Stone Cold VS The Rock"

::: The titan tron shows Zack Cino on his cell phone. He hangs up but not before he says: "I'm going right now. This is going to be big" :::

::: The video begins in black and white showing The Rock beating Triple H, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle to win the title shot. It then shows Austin giving Taker and Kane a stunner to win the shot against Rock. The color comes in and it shows Rock delivering Austin with a Rock Bottom. Then it shows Austin giving him a stunner. "A Place For My Head" hits and it shows Rock talking about the match: "Well Stone Cold Steve Austin. At Vengeance you will be Rock Bottomed, People's Elbowed, Pinebustered!, 1......2.....3!" It then shows the Rock delivering all those moves. It then shows Austin talking: "WHAT? Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna give you a stunner, huge stunner, puttin' some stink on it, and take the title and celebrate with a beer. Two beers. Three beers. Rock you want a beer? WhaT?" It then shows Austin and Rock teaming up to fight Triple H and Y2J and in the end Stone Cold delivering a Stunner! It then shows Rock giving a Rock Bottom. The video ends with both of them facing eachother. Stone Cold Steve Austin VS The Rock. WWF Championship :::

::: "If YA SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK...IS COOKIN'!" hits and The Rock walks down to the ring wearing his usual wrestlign attire with a Golden Bull on it and the back it says: "The Great One". The Rock climbs the turnbuckle and holds up his arm in the air. He goes to every turnbuckle and does the same :::

::: "Glass Breaks" and Stone Cold Steve Austin coems out wearing his wrestling shorts and his WHAT?, 3:16 vest. Stone Cold then enters the ring and goes to every turnbuckle and gives the fans the middle finger to huge cheer. Stone Cold then gets in the ring and waits:::

WWF Championship
The Rock VS Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rock and Stone Cold stare eachother down as mixed chants of Rocky and Austin and What? are chanted. The ref shows them both the WWF Championship belt and they nod in agreement to fight for it. Rock and Austin then get in eachothers face. Rock then pushes Austin and Austin pushes Rock back. They then begin exchanging punches. Austin then takes the advantage and knocks Rock to the rope but Rock retaliates and begins Laying The Smackdown on Austin but goes for a Rock Bottom and Austin pushes him off and goes for a Stunner but Rock pushes him to the ropes and hits the Samoan Drop. Austin slowly gets up and Rock stares at him to huge cheer from the crowd. Rock then runs at Austin but Austin hits the Lou Thesz Press and hammers Rock repeatively with hard right hands. Austin gets up and watches Rock arise slowly. The two then look at eachother and Rock ad Austin run at eachother and Rock knocks Austin down and hammers him down. Rock gets up and stomps on Austin until he arises. Rock then runs off the ropes and Austin gives him the Spinebuster and pins for a 1 count. Rock gets up and Austin elbows him back down and stomps on him. Austin then lifts him up and goes for a clothesline but gets a DDT! 1....2..Austin kicks quickly and Rock and Austin get to their feet. Rock goes for a clothesline but Austin and him both run off opposite ropes and Rock hits a Spinebuster and locks in the Sharpshooter! Austin yells in pain and soon gets to the ropes. Rock then stalks and Austin gets up and Rock goes for a Stunner of his own but Austin reverses and hits a Spinebuster and locks in his own Sharpshooter. Rock yells in pain and slowly gets to the ropes but Austin walks forward and the ref tells him to break the hold. Rock then gets the ropes again adn Austin lets go and stomps on his knees. Austin then goes to the outside and slams Rock's head into the edge of the ring. Austin then pulls Rock out of the ring and whips him at the steps. Rock yells in pain and Austin slams Rock into the steps. Rock's forehead is busted open and Austin throws him on the announce table and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler move. Austin goes in and out of the ring to break the count and Austin lifts up Rock and takes off the cover of the table and throws off the wires and TV sets off the table. Austin then lifts Rock on the table and goes for a Suplex on it but Rock gets out of it and hits the Rock Bottom through the table to Austin!!! The ref stops counting noticing that neither of them will be able to break the count but their must be a champ. Rock crawls and slowly gets up and throws the bloody Austin the ring. Rock's forehead is bleeding and Austin's forehead and face is covered in blood. Rock then stalks and goes for the Rock Bottom but Austin hits an unseen lowblow. Zack Cino then walks down to the ring with a chair. Austin and Rock are down. Rock and Austin slowly get up after a few seconds. Austin punches Rock back and Rock comes back with a Spinebuster and goes for the People's Elbow! Rock rips off the Elbow pad and runs off the ropes and hits the Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment, THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! 1......2....Zack Cino pulls the ref out and hits him with the chair!!! Rock slowly lets go of the cover and Zack Cino gets in the ring and helps Austin up. Rock gets up and Austin kciks him down adn holds onto him. Zack Cino then hits him with the chair! Shane McMahon then runs down to the ring and takes the chair and hits Zack with it. Shane turns and recieves a Stone Cold Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shane goes out as Austin helps the ref up and hits Rock with a big chairshot. Austin pins. 1......2.....Rock gets the shoulder up!!!!! Austin can't believe it and gets up and Rock slowly gets up. Austin goes for Stunner but Rock hits the Rock Bottom!!! 1.......2.....Zack Cino pulls the ref out and gets in and hits Rock right in the head with the chair. Rock turns to Stone Cold Steve Austin and gets a huge Stone Cold Stunner. 1.......2......3!!! NO!! Austin holds the title in his hand and faces Zack Cino and they both smile as the both drink a beer. Austin goes to every turnbuckle and holds the WWF Championship Belt high in the air and him and Zack Cino leave The Rock lying in the ring and Shane McMahon on the ringside floor.