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Byte This
Kevin Kelly: This is Kevin Kelly and his co-host Diamond Dallas Page for the first ever BYTE THIS!

Diamond Dallas Page: And that is not a bad thing. It's a good thing! DDP is here in his new job as co-host of BYTE THIS!

Kevin Kelly: This week has defintely been an amzing week. We have had the 2nd week fo shows and had Vengeance on PPV. Champions were crowned and pretty soon..

Diamond Dallas Page: Royal Rumble! My favorite event. 30 men in one match. You must throw your opponent over the top rope to be the last man and go to wrestlemania. And anyone can win!

Kevin Kelly: Well, today our guest is Shane McMahon and he is the phone line

Diamond Dallas Page: Shane-O? You hear us?

Shane McMahon: Yeah. I hear ya. Whassup DDP? Kevin Kelly?

Diamond Dallas Page: Nothing bro. I've been trying to keep this show from boring with Kevy over here

Kevin Kelly: HEY!!! I am not boring!

Diamond Dallas Page: Anyways, Shane we have 3 questions for you...

Shane McMahon: Go ahead and please hurry. I have a few things to do.

Diamond Dallas Page: First of all, what is your intake on Stone Cold and Zack Cino forming an alliance?

Shane McMahon: and my siter, Stephanie have recently shown Zack who is the boss so he is trying to show the World who the boss is and keep us a secret but don't be suprised if soon that changes...

Diamond Dallas Page: Hm...That's not a bad thing.

Kevin Kelly: It's a good thing? Anyway, Secondly, what is your intake on what happened in the Triple H and Y2J match?

Shane McMahon: Triple H said he would do it and he did and shut that idiot, Jericho up. Hopefully, it's for good.

Kevin Kelly: We all hope so!

Diamond Dallas Page: I'm still not talking to you Kelly for interupting me. And that's not a good thing. It's a bad thing!

Kevin Kelly: Great! Maybe I can continue the show by myself now. Lastly, Shane, who do you think should host the show? Me or DDP?

Shane McMahon:: Postively...Page. DDP rules. You wouldn't be here if Zack didn't hire you.

Diamond Dallas Page: Ha thanks Shane Man! You hear that Kelly?

Kevin Kelly: That was rigged!

Diamond Dallas Page: Anyway, Shane. We got a few callers on the line for you.

Shane McMahon: Okay. Let them talk.

Diamond Dallas Page: First we have Jacob Oliey from Portland, Oregon.

Jacob Oiley: Hey Kev. DDP. Shane. Shane, I called to ask you when you may fight Zack for his ownership?

Shane McMahon: Well, definitely soon! I hope to win wonership of the WWF for good,

Diamond Dallas Page: Can' t wait. That would be awesome. A good thing. Not a bad thing. Or not a bad thing. A good thing!

Kevin Kelly: Well, you brat. Zack would beat you!

Shane McMahon:: Shut up KK before I fire you!

Diamond Dallas Page: The last caller is from New York, New York and she is Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson: I don't really have a question but I agree with you Shane. DDP rules. Kevin Kelly stinks! Take a diet, KEVIN!

Shane McMahon: Thanks Amy

Kevin Kelly: Well, Shane. I'm sorry to say, we have to let you. Wait, I'm not sad. I'm glad!

Diamond Dallas Page: Shut up Kelly! I should whoop you in the ring!

Shane McMahon: Yeah! Infact, on SmackDown! you two will face in a special Byte This match. The winner is the host and loser is co-host!

Kevin Kelly: What?!?!?

Diamond Dallas Page: YES! Thanks Shane. You rule bro! Peace out!

Shane McMahon: Bye

Kevin Kelly: See you all next time on Byte This!

Diamond Dallas Page: Prepare for Raw and SmackDown and next time, I will be host!