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WWF Royal Rumble Results

::: The Royal Rumble Match video hits and it shows Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Booker T, Big Show, Kane and other superstars staring around the screen. "Number One" by Nelly hits as it shows many matches between the superstars. Rock VS Undertaker then is played when Rock, Rock Bottomed Taker. It then shows the Royal Rumble preview when Kane won. It then shows the faces of superstars again and then titan tron fades :::

::: "Number 1" by Nelly hits and the fireworks go off at the Los Angeles Arena. The fireworks shoot up and right and left. Then the camera focuses on the stage and it shows a ring-like tron above the entrance to the ring. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler are seated at ringside and greet the crowd :::

Jim Ross: "It's all bout being #1. All about it. And this Royal Rumble's theme is Number One By Nelly. I'm Jim Ross"

Jerry "The KinG" Lawler: "And I am Jerry "THE KING" Lawler. 30 men came here tonight to win and only 1 will come out to go to Wrestlemania"

Jim Ross: "Yes, our main event tonight and also, Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Kurt Angle in a Street Fight!"

Jerry Lawler: "Yes, Austin is the number one street fighter but Kurt Angle has made Austin tap to the Ankle Lock twice! On Raw and SmackDown! this week so we have to see, how the Texas Rattlesnake will hold on to his title tonight"

Jim Ross: "Well also, the World Championship also on the line in a match between our champion Chris Jericho and Test"

Jerry Lawler: "Well Test is very anxious to get through with this match. Y2J cost him a Intercontinental Title match and the Hardcore Title"

Jim Ross: "Also tonight. Edge defending the Intercontinental Championship against William Regal"

Jerry Lawler: "The power of the punch!"

Jim Ross: "Power of the punch my ---. That Regal uses Brass Knuckles, which are illegal in the WWF"

Jerry Lawler: "Well also, Tazz and Rhyno fighting the tag team champs, the Dudley Boyz. And tonight, the fight in a TABLE MATCH!!"

Jim Ross: "Well, we also have Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam in a Hardcore Match"

Jerry Lawler: "One thing I can't wait for is that match. Rob Van Dam held the Television title once for 23 months. Can he do that with the 24/7 Hardcore Title? Or will Jeff Hardy defeat Mr.Pay-Per-View?"

::: The titan tron shows the backstage with the words: "Earlier Today" at the bottom left. It shows Stephanie and Shane walking down the hall. They look at eachother and turn and enter a door and it says: "Zack Cino" :::

Jim Ross: "What is this?"

Jerry Lawler: "I wonder..."

::: "Respect" hits and the fans go crazy for the high-flying, rising young star, hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam walks down the ramp with his bloody, ripped, mangled and beat-up Hardcore Championship belt on his shoulder. He walks down smiling and gives the R-V-D thumb taunt. He enters the ring and does the thumbtaunt again and gives the referee the Hardcore Championship and waits for his challenger :::

Howard Finkel: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWF Hardcore Championship. Introducing first from Battlecreek Michigan weighting at 225 pounds. He is the Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam!"

::: "2XtReMe" hits and Jeff Hardy walks out and begins dancing to his music and runs down and enters the ring. He does the thumb pose and focuses his eyes on Rob Van Dam and waits for the bell :::

Howard Finkel: "And his opponent, weighting at 223 pounds, Jeff Hardy!"

WWF Hardcore Championship
Rob Van Dam(c) VS Jeff Hardy
Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy walk around and soon tie up. Jeff goes for a version of his headlock but Rob Van Dam quickly counters and pushes him off and locks in a Sleeper Hold but quickly Jeff gets out of it and bounces off the ropes and locks up but RVD pushes him to the corner and delivers a Back Drop. Jeff gets up quickly and RVD kicks him back down but Jeff then pushes him and gets up. RVD kicks himself up and the two kick but dodge and face eachother for a huge applause from the crowd. Jeff then spears RVD down and punches him but RVD slides out and kicks up and delivers a Spinning Heel Kick to the running Jeff. RVD then slides out and goes under the ring but Jeff launches himself out of the ring, over the ropes,  and hits a Spinning Heel Kick of his own, knocking RVD at the announce table. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler watch nervously at Jeff picks him up and slams him on the table. Jeff then slams him over the table and elbows him. Jeff then grabs a hammer from the bell and slams it at RVD's back. Luckily, the officials of the bell have extra hammers. Jeff then picks up RVD and RVD soon reverses a whip and Jeff is slammed into the steel steps. RVD slowly drops to one knee and tries to recover from that shot to the back and soon as you know it, Jeff kicks him and RVD rolls to the baracade. Jeff then takes off the ring apron and throws in various weapons in the ring. RVD then kicks Jeff and throws him in the ring. RVD gets in and whips Jeff and hits a Spinning Elbow. RVD then picks up one of the weapons Jeff threw in. He has a trash can and goes to hit Jeff but Jeff ducks and runs up the ropes and flips and RVD throws up the trash can and kicks it into the jumping Jeff's face knocking him out of the ring! RVD gets out and kicks Jeff to the baracade. RVD places him on the baracade and delivers a leg drop off the baracade knocking Jeff off of it. RVD pushes Jeff over and pins for a 2 count for the first pin in the match. RVD pushes Jeff back in the ring and pins again for a 2 count again. RVD then picks up a steel chair from the ring and goes to hit Jeff but Jeff kicks him down and delivers a Vertical Suplex and pins for 1 count and both quickly get up and Jeff hits a neckbreaker! Jeff then picks up a sign of a no U-turn and slams it across RVD's head and lifts him up and hits the TWIST OF FATE! He pins! 1,2,RVD gets his shoulder up and Jeff gets up and can't believe it. Jeff then grabs another sign only this time it is a Stop Sign and RVD gets up and Jeff swings it and RVD's forehead is busted open as he falls down and rolls out of the ring. Jeff climbs up the ropes and jumps off it delivering a Moonsault to the outside and RVD and Jeff are hurt as Jeff pins for a close 2 count. RVD is hurting and Jeff throws off the cover of the announce table. Jim and Jerry complain that they need it for the rest of the night and RVD gets up pushes Jeff over to the baracade and throws him in the ring and gets in only to get a knee to the neck for a 1 count and RVD locks in a Chin Lock and Jeff is choked out. Jeff goes for the ropes and then knocks off RVD realizing there are no rope breaks in Hardcore Title matches. Jeff then pins but RVD gets up too fast but then Jeff kicks him and delivers the Side Effect, a side neckbreaker. Jeff then goes up top looking for a Swaton Bomb and jumps but RVD pushes a trash can in the way and rolls away and Jeff is slammed on the can. Jeff yells in pain as the bloody RVD puts a chair over Jeff and climbs up top and delivers a 5 STAR FROG SPLASH! 1,2,3!!! RVD retains the WWF Hardcore Championship. His reign continues.

Jim Ross: "Rob Van Dam will his first title defense since Vengeance"

Jerry Lawler: "I've been shaking since Jeff was hit with that brutal kick to the trashcan to Jeff move early in the match"

Jim Ross: "Rob Van Dam, an incredible, unorthadox competitor and he has come out with another win to his chart tonight"

::: The camera shows The Rock and Johnathan Coachman backstage with Coach holding a microphone :::

Coach: "Well tonight Rock, you are entered in the Royal Rumble match and tonight, who are your bets on?"


Rock: "And Coach, you asked the Rock who his bets are on. Yes? Well, tonight The Rock is going out tonight to the Royal Rumble and winning. The Rock is going to eliminate 29 other Jabronis and come out a winner and is going to Wrestlemania, hopefully to meet Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship and get revenge"

Coach: "Well, tonight, how are you sure you will win?"

Rock: "Coach. Listen to this. You hear it?"

::: Crowd chants Rocky :::

Rock: "The People are the Rock's win. And there isn't a better way! IF YA SMELLALALALALA WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!"

::: The camera shows the ring again :::

Jim Ross: "Rock entered in that 30 man Royal Rumble match but another thing about the Royal Rumble was on SmackDown!"

Jerry Lawler: "Yes that's right. It was a Royal Rumble preview match and Kane won it coming out first."

Jim Ross: "Will Kane show lucky again and win tonight?"

Jerry Lawler: "We'll find out tonight when 30 men go at it. Starts with 2 men. Another enters every minute until there are 30. You can be eliminated when you are thrown over the top rope. Men like Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Rob Van Dam and others in this huge matchup for the rights to be in the main event at Wrestlemania"

Jim Ross: "And also, we found out earlier today who some of the numbers were"

::: The titan tron shows a large crowd of wrestlers picking out papers from a WWF logo-ed box. Rob Van Dam goes up and laughs :::

Rob Van Dam: "#30. Who better than me! Rob Van Dam!"

::: Christian yells angrily that he didn't get that and gets his paper and reads out: "#2" and begins to have a tantrum :::

Jim Ross: "HA! Well next, two teams go one on one in a big tag team table match"

Jerry Lawler: "The first actually. The King of Tables, Tag Team Champs, The Dudleyz going one on one with Tazz and Rhyno"

Jim Ross: "As much as I regret this, The Dudleyz have the upper hand in this match and I would say they have won"

::: "13" hits and smoke covers the stage anf then 13 fireworks go off after 13 seconds and Tazz walks down in his orange sunglasses and Thug wrestling suit. Tazz then goes to the ring and enters it :::

Lillian Garcia: "The following contest is a tag team table match for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Introducing first,one of the challengers,  from Brooklyn, New York, weighting at 235 pounds, Tazz!"

::: "Fear The GORE" hits and Rhyno walks down in his GORE shirt and Tazz gets in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and crosses his arms. Rhyno enters the ring and holds his arms up and then waits with Tazz for their opponents :::

Lillian Garcia: "And from Detriot Michigan, weighting at 250 pounds, his tag team partner, Rhyno!"

::: "Welcome to Dudleyville" hits and Buh-Buh Ray and D-von walk down untieing their belts and Rhyno and Tazz meet them at the ramp and the bell dings before Lillian can even announce them :::

WWF Tag Team Championship Table Match
The Dudley Boyz(c) VS Tazz and Rhyno
Tazz and Rhyno brawl with Bubba and D-von until they get near the ring. Tazz and D-von fight by the steps as Rhyno and Bubba get inside the ring. Rhyno punches him to the ropes and whips him but Bubba stops the whip and delivers a huge over the head slam! Rhyno yells in pain as Bubba continues pounding on him. D-von and Tazz get in the ring and Bubba soon clotheslines Tazz out and D-von and Bubba give Rhyno a Double Neck Breaker, which looks like a reverse 3-D. The rules of this match are simple. Both members of a team must go through a table by an offensive move. In the Hardyz case, if Jeff were to jump off and miss a Swaton Bomb and fall ina table, he would still be in the match. Rhyno yells in pain as D-von throws him out. Tazz gets in and gives a Belly to Belly Suplex to D-von but then Bubba gives Tazz a Bodyslam and holds his legs as D-von goes up top and they both go WAZZAA! and D-von gives a Diving Headbutt. Tazz slides out of the ring as D-von goes for a table. He sets it up and rhyno is brawling with Bubba. D-von sets up the table and Bubba goes to slam Rhyno throw the table with a Bubba Cutter but Tazz pushes the table. D-von begins to pound on Tazz and sets him up in the corner. Bubba sets a beaten Rhyno up for a Bubba Bomb and hits it and Rhyno is down. D-von sets up Tazz on the top turnbuckle and sets him on it and climbs up. Bubba sets the table down below and waits. He's NOT GONNA! D-von holds Tazz up and falls backwards and Bubba gives Tazz the 3-D!!! threw a table!!! DING. Tazz is eliminated!!! D-von slowly gets up and so does Bubba and push Tazz and pieces of the table to the side and it is just Rhyno and The Dudleyz until Tazz recovers. Bubba gets Rhyno up and Rhyno soon fights back and delivers a Bodyslam. D-von runs at him and Rhyno gives him a desperation Spinebuster and sets up another table. Rhyno then spears(not gores) Bubba and punches him. Tazz is still down and EMTs come down and take him to the back as Rhyno fights D-von. Rhyno then goes to throw D-von into the table but Bubba hits Rhyno from behind. D-von sets up Tazz on the table and Bubba goes up top and goes for a Back Splash but Rhyno rolls off and Bubba falls through the table but is not eliminated! Rhyno is picked up by D-von and D-von delivers a Backdrop. Rhyno falls flat and D-von gets yet, another table. Bubba finally gets up and falls back down again. Tazz is still backstage as Dvon sets up a table in the corner and sets Rhyno on against the table. D-von then immitates Rhyno and goes to Gore him but Rhyno moves and D-von stops and runs at Bubba and the two run at Rhyno and Rhyno kicks D-von down and tackle Bubba to the table. Bubba falls and gets up slowly and is GORED through the table!!! Rhyno  falls down and D-von slowly picks him up and sets him on a table. D-von then goes up top but then Tazz runs down and gets on the turnbuckle. Rhyno moves over as Tazz delivers the Tazzplex to D-von threw a table to win the match and the WWF Tag Team Titles!!! The ring is cleared as the night continues.

Jim Ross: "Holy crap. A great match. Amazing"

Jerry Lawler: "Defintely JR!"

::: The show cuts to promote Wrestlemania :::

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